Amprius: la batería de 1000 kilometros

Eminent engineer fond of electrocution, sandy monroepresented New Amperius Battery that can be made possible by its 500 Wh/kg 1000 kms on a single charge at legal road speed.

Amprius Lithium Battery Double CapacityThe numbers are truly staggering: with one Gravitational Energy Density 500 Wh/kg and of 1300 Wh/L Large energy densityThey double the capacity of any of their competitors, both with the Tesla 2170 or the new 4680, Rivian with its 2170, even Ford with its most advanced pouch format used in the F-150 .

Looks like they achieve this by using a unique silicon anode multiply x7 energy density which allows it to maintain a capacity of 1500–2500 mAh/g compared to classic graphite from 335–355 mAh/g.

Comparision Anode Graphite Silicon Anode Battery Amperius Lithium
What does it mean 500 W/kg?

well, in a few words, it will allow dual autonomy Without reducing the performance of current vehicles. You have 2 possibilities:

  • Or build cars with batteries that weigh half as much, double their autonomy
  • Or occupy half the size of those, imagine any small utility in segment A with a real autonomy of 500-600 km.

This opens up the field of retrofit even more: it will be possible to adapt cell packs to fewer spaces than combustion vehicles have to, giving them autonomy that extends their useful life with 0 emissions.

Empreus Lithium Battery Pouch Cell
For him heavy transport This represents the definitive push required to achieve the heavy mileage required in day-to-day exercise without exceeding rest times due to the need for recharging.
Furthermore, its excellent strength/weight ratio is ideal for use in aviation, where weight is a limiting factor, and this is where its main customers come from.
As soon as mass manufacturing becomes a reality and due to economies of scale, utility vehicles with autonomy of 1000 km on a single charge will not be long in coming, it happened with smartphones and it will happen with electric cars and there We will be able to say loud and clear: Game over Diesel Petrolheads.

Dieselgate Volkswagen

VW TDI Diesel Engine Dieselgate?

Established in 2008, Empreus Technologies, Inc. is a leading and leading manufacturer of high-power, high-energy lithium-ion batteries that produces the highest energy-density cells in the cutting-edge industry. Not in vain among its main customers are aviation and drone manufacturers.
The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Fremont, California, where it operates a research and development laboratory for manufacturing silicon nanowire cells and anodes through a unique fabrication process to develop the structures 3D in a roll-to-roll system and Maintains a pilot manufacturing facility. , As a result, they have managed to offer up to 100% higher energy density than standard lithium-ion batteries. This means your cells deliver more energy and power with far less weight and load.
To meet growing customer demand for its high-performance silicon anode lithium-ion batteries, Amperius recently signed a letter of intent for an approximately 72,000-square-meter facility in Brighton, Colorado, USA, which will initially Provides a potential manufacturing capacity of up to 5 GWh. ,
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