Arcimoto MUV unveiled as 3-wheeled 75 MPH utility vehicle

Arcimoto is famous for its three-wheeled, fun-mobiles aptly named the FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle). Now the company is getting its hands dirty with a bit more of a work-oriented version that they’ve dubbed the new Arcimoto MUV (Modular Utility Vehicle).

Built on a similar foundation to the FUV, the new Arcimoto MUV makes good on its name with a modular design that features customizable bed configurations for various industries and applications.

The company describes the MUV as “a workhorse for daily indoor and outdoor use for industrial mobility customers who need to move goods, materials, supplies and equipment reliably, quietly and sustainably.”

The company’s CEO Chris Dawson expanded upon the new vehicle further:

The utility vehicle market represents a tremendous opportunity for Arcimoto and our new MUV underscores the company’s growth in the urban and industrial mobility segment. Our customers are seeking highly versatile electric vehicles that are quiet, packed with performance and are reliable for their daily round-the-clock needs and we are delivering that today to customers who require sustainable and cost-effective utility vehicles to get the job done right. They also value the optionality to make the vehicles their own, depending on their needs, with interchangeable options and add-ons.

The fairly small-format vehicle has a payload of 500 pounds (226 kg) yet is nimble and narrow enough for the tightest of work environments. Its dual-motor front-wheel drive with a single seat provides optimal utility range of up to 102 miles (164 km) at city speeds.

When it comes time for a recharge, the Arcimoto MUV features both level 1 and level 2 charging capabilities.

The Arcimoto MUV shares the same foundation as the company’s existing FUV, meaning it also hits a top speed of 75 mph (121 km) to allow for highway use.

The key to the MUV isn’t its performance but rather its modular design. The MUV offers interchangeable bed configurations to support medium to light-duty load capacities and can also be equipped with customer-owned items or a growing list of MUV accessories for various applications.

The rear cargo configurations include the company’s Carrier Package (an open flatbed), Utility Package (a more traditional pickup bed), and Cargo Package (enclosed box) that allows for secure storage and maximum carrying capacity for various commercial transportation uses.

Arcimoto also offers other accessories, including basic or custom vinyl wraps for brand exposure, seatback organizer, “West Coast” half doors, various seat options and other add-ons.

Production of the MUV will occur at the company’s 250,000-square-foot US manufacturing facility located in Eugene, Oregon.

The new utility vehicle is available starting today. Pricing for the Arcimoto MUV begins at US $23,500 for the base Carrier Package.

The vehicle can be equipped with the Utility Package at $299 or the Cargo Package add-on for $1,500, or both for even more flexibility.

It’s a bit of a premium over the $19,900 Arcimoto FUV, but the MUV is also intended for commercial customers looking for extra payload capacity and cargo space.

Compared to other US-produced street-legal utility vehicles, the Arcimoto MUV is quite competitively priced. Texas-based electric mini-truck maker AYRO just announced pricing for its utility vehicle, which starts at US $33,900. And that’s an LSV, meaning it has a top speed of just 25 mph (40 km/h). In this case, the Arcimoto MUV follows the same shortened path toward street legality as its FUV cousin. Technically considered a motorcycle in most states (or autocycle in a few), it can achieve much faster speeds than LSVs while still shortcutting the path to roadworthiness compared to traditional cars and trucks.

What do you think of Arcimoto’s new FUV/mini-truck mashup? Let’s hear your thoughts on the MUV in the comment section below.

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