Battery image hints Xiaomi EV platform may be 800V, 100 kWh

We haven’t even come close to seeing what sort of design Chinese electronics manufacturing behemoth Xiaomi intends to deliver under its young automotive division, but we may have a better idea of what level of power it may be packing. A recent image has surfaced that appears to showcase Xiaomi’s EV battery specs, hinting at an 800-volt platform housing over 100 kWh of battery power.

If you’ve never heard of Xiaomi Automotive, that’s understandable considering the young EV division was announced a mere two years ago and has yet to reveal its first model. Xiaomi Corporation on the other hand, is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones on the planet which has led the company to expand into additional products like TVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, and even an ecosystem of Xiaomi Smart Home products.

We’ve followed Xiaomi Automotive as it set up its headquarters in Beijing where it intends to eventually produce up to 300,000 vehicles per year. There hasn’t been any mention of EV battery production, but given Xiaomi’s expertise in the technology, developing its own platform makes the most sense and was all but confirmed after rumors stirred about the new arm seeking co-branded EVs with BAIC in China.

Last we heard this past March, Xiaomi was once again taking EV development into its own hands and the progress of its new business had already “exceeded expectations.” This update followed some alleged leaked images of Xiaomi Auto’s camo’d sedan, which is expected to begin scaled production in the first half of 2024.

Most recently, another alleged leaked image, this time of a battery, suggests that Xiaomi Automotive is in fact progressing quickly and apparently knows what it’s doing – especially if it can deliver this platform at the price it originally promised.

Xiaomi battery
The alleged image of Xiaomi’s EV battery / Credit: MetaAuto/Weibo

Xiaomi battery image appears legit, packs 101 kWh

The battery image seen above, recently posted by MetaAuto on Weibofeatures the Xiaomi logo and lists the following specifications:

  • Model Name: A1310C
  • Part Number: P000000367001
  • Manufacturer Code: F47832
  • Lithium-Ion Chemistry
  • 726.7V
  • 139 Ah
  • 101 kWh
  • 642 kg (1,415 lbs)

The voltage listed suggests the battery will deliver 800V fast charging to future Xiaomi EV drivers, and over 100 kWh of capacity is encouraging for a sedan when you think of the range that may be able to deliver. Other users on Weibo have pointed out that the battery modules should be lithium ternary, but there’s no way to confirm that without Xiaomi sharing details directly.

Xiaomi Automotive has not confirmed that this is in fact one of its EV battery packs. Right now, all we know is that the company is planning to deliver a sedan next year equipped with LiDAR supplied by Hesai Technology out of Palo Alto, California. The flagship EV is expected to start at a price around 300,000 yuan (~$43,100) – a steal for an 800V platform and LiDAR if it happens.

We also know that Xiaomi has been testing its own self-driving EV technology, which it says is aiming to be top-tier in the industry by next year. Let’s start with delivering an actual EV first, guys. That should happen sometime in the first half of 2024, and we are almost certain to learn more about Xiaomi’s EV, its battery packs and all the pertinent specs before then. Stay tuned.

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