BLT’s 42 mph electric ‘hyperfoil’ jet ski has already sold out in 2023

Bay Area startup Boundary Layer Technologies (BLT) has been taking pre-orders for its all-electric, jet ski-like hydrofoil it calls Valo. Despite still being in the prototype phase, the demand for what its makers describe as a “hyperfoil” is clearly there. The company’s initial production run of the electric jet ski variant is sold out well past 2023.

Boundary Layer Technologies was founded in 2018 in the Bay Area of California, where it is currently headquartered in Alameda. BLT’s team consists of engineers that have helped design and develop self-landing rockets, hyperloops, drones, and foiling racing yachts.

However, BLT is taking its biggest plunge with its flagship product – see Valo below. This all-electric hydrofoiling spin on watercraft (that’s actually the more accurate term than “jet ski”) was developed as recently as 2022 after the BLT decided to shift its focus from hydrofoiling container ships to something significantly smaller… they’re also cheaper and can be brought to market more quickly.

Valo is an electric watercraft that differs from a jet ski like Taiga’s, for instance; it uses hydrofoils to lift the entire hull of the water. This not only uses less energy (a very precious commodity in any EV, let alone one of such compact size) but also produces virtually zero wake. Add zero noise pollution, thanks to its electric motors, and Valo is like a sleek aquatic ninja. (So many Kawasaki references today.)

As BLT works toward its initial production run of the electric Valo jet skis hyperfoils, it shared that it has already sold out. Check this bad boy out.

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  • electric jet ski

BLT has (literally) elevated the electric jet ski with Valo

According to recent coverage of the Valo hyperfoil by PlugBoats, the hydrofoiling cousin to the electric jet ski is already sold out through 2023. After opening pre-orders late last year, the startup shared it had garnered $1 million in orders in the first three weeks.

Most recently, BLT shared that it actually received three times the number of orders it has the capacity to produce this year – a promising sign for a nascent form of sustainable mobility on the water. Per BLT CEO Ed Kearney:

Valo will be a complete revolution to personal watercraft. The first Jetski was on the market 50 years ago this year, and it’s time for a major upgrade. Valo will be fast, agile, and tremendously exhilarating, all while being near silent and leaving zero wake. It will be like flying a stunt plane but on water. We see this as a completely new form of water based mobility.

We also have some pertinent specs that vary a bit from the original debut last year. Valo can reach a top speed of 42 mph and a cruise speed of 30 mph. A minimum speed of 15 mph is required to get the electric jet ski up and hydrofoiling.

When cruising, Valo can deliver up to 2 hours and 20 minutes on the water, depending on wind and water conditions, of course. The vessel can replenish in about 3 hours on a Level 2, 240V AC charger. The watercraft is built from carbon fiber composites, titanium, and stainless steel to optimize strength while limiting weight (430 pounds in total). It can also carry two passengers.

One last cool feature is Valo’s proprietary Skydrive system designed by BLT, which measures the position and behavior of the watercraft 100 times per second, then determines the ideal position of each of the control surfaces before semi-autonomously adjusting accordingly. This ensures a smooth, stable ride the team compares to flying.

Whether you want to call it an electric jet ski, watercraft, hydrofoil, or hyperfoil – your chances of riding one this year are close to zero if you haven’t already gotten your pre-order in. However, 2024 is a new year, and BLT still has production slots available. The starting MSRP of the Valo is $59,000, but you can reserve one with a fully refundable deposit of $500. Watch this Valo in action below:

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