Bosch and X Shore team up on new electric boat drivetrains

Swedish electric boat maker X Shore has a new, lighter and more affordable model coming known as the X Shore 1. And with the help of Bosch, it’s going to be more efficient than ever.

That’s because Bosch Engineering, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, has teamed up with X Shore on the development of its new electric boat drivetrain.

The companies just announced today a collaboration to improve the performance and efficiency of the electric drive system of the X Shore 1.

Bosch has already been instrumental in the drivetrain for the new electric boat, which features Bosch’s largest motor on the market for leisure boat applications, as well as Bosch’s inverter and gearbox, developed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth.

As X Shore’s CEO Jenny Keisu discussed:

At X Shore, we are always seeking innovative collaborations to further our mission towards a more sustainable boating industry and a greener world. We firmly believe that innovation knows no boundaries and that by joining forces with other innovative companies, both big and small, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our commitment to constant innovation drives us to seek partnerships that enable us to learn from each other, share knowledge, and leverage collective expertise. At X Shore, we are excited to support Bosch Engineering in further strengthening their sustainability mission and together, we will bring a new, cutting-edge electric drive system technology to the new X Shore 1, providing an unparalleled boating experience.

X Shore explained that the company’s deeper collaboration with Bosch Engineering marks the beginning of Bosch’s electrification journey into the leisure boat segment, with X Shore selected as part of the pilot.

President of Bosch Engineering Dr. Johannes-Jörg Rüger elaborated on the collaboration:

At Bosch, we are investing heavily in sustainable technologies and pursued sustainability long before it made it to the top of the social agenda. When it comes to sustainable mobility, we’re continuing to strengthen our portfolio of solutions for electrified driving. With X Shore, we have found a strong passionate partner that shares this environmental commitment with deep conviction. I am happy that Bosch Engineering helps to accelerate the sustainable X Shore serial production approach by sharing series production experience and automotive proven high performance components.

X Shore US
The Eelex 8000 and X Shore 1 electric boats / Credit: X Shore

Earlier this year, X Shore also announced the completion of an approximately SEK 300 million (US $30M) funding round as it sails toward expected profitability at some point in 2024.

The company’s flagship Eelex 8000 electric boat was first unveiled in 2019, though that model’s higher price tag of around US $329,000 put it in the more premium end of electric boats.

With the debut of the more affordable X Shore 1, which is priced at $139,000, the company is hoping to significantly expand its reach in the market.

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