Clean energy makes record contributions during latest Texas heatwave


The clean energy industry has made record contributions to the Texas electric grid, powering and cooling Americans’ homes while keeping costs down during the recent heat wave, according to American Clean Power (ACP) analysis and the latest available data.

Between June 19 and June 30, renewables provided an average of 30% of the power grid’s energy demand during 10% of peak demand hours. This includes ERCOT’s all-time demand record, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. Throughout the heatwave, robust renewable energy generation helped maintain the grid and keep electricity prices down.

“Our industry’s investments in solar, wind and ERCOT storage have paid off for Texans during this heatwave,” said Jason Grummett, CEO of ACP. “Clean energy is about keeping the lights on, cooling homes and businesses and keeping people safe at an affordable price. The performance of renewable resources during this extreme weather event demonstrates the importance of resource diversity for grid resilience and economic security.”

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