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Data Engineer Volta Truck

Location: Madrid Type: Hybrid

about employment

Department/Area Details:

Volta Trucks, a growing European manufacturer of electric trucks, is looking for a Data Engineer to join their Data team. It is a mixed role split between his center in Madrid and remote work.

Salary: Not Available

Solicitation: Voltatrucks Careers

your homework

  • Clean and model data to support new services and products.
  • Collaborate with Volta stakeholders to understand data and drive use cases.
  • Transfer stakeholder requirements to data management solutions to better support the business.
  • Develop solutions and test them thoroughly.
  • Collaborate and support the wider Volta team in the development of methodology, data engineering processes and deliverables.

your profile:

  • Solid programming experience with Python, Scala, and SQL.
  • Facilitates building and maintaining ETL pipelines in Azure Data Factory.
  • Have good experience in data storage using principles such as Kimball and Data Vault.
  • Competency in Databricks, Data Lake, Service Principles and Key Vault.
  • Solid understanding of CI/CD practices
  • Trading experience using Snowflake. (Though trading experience is preferred, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t used it in your work but still have a good understanding)

Why Volta Trucks?

Urban delivery is currently one of the most polluting activities in our cities. Traditional diesel trucks pollute the air and cause health and safety issues for residents when bringing essential products to city centers, as there is no alternative. So far.

Volta Trucks has developed the first fully electric commercial vehicle from scratch, with an innovative and highly disruptive business model. Founded in 2019, and having raised €300 million in funding to date, we are bringing the all-electric Volta Zero to market at industry-leading speed and scale to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

At we are committed to electric and sustainable mobility. We have created this section to help you find employment in this exciting and forward looking field.
To apply for the post of Data Engineer, follow the following link and fill the form with your data: Voltatrucks Careers.

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