Do you know how to build an energy community?

Federation friends of the earth Documentary series “How to build an energy community? It’s in our hands.” in which they show the experience of various energetic communities Which are working in Arroyomolinos de León (Huelva), Pontecaldelas (Pontevedra), Luco de Juloca (Teruel), Monachil (Granada) and Puente de la Reina – Gares (Nvarra).
This series explains step-by-step how this type of project can be built through experiences from various energy communities already underway in our area.

Arroyomolinos de Leon Huelva Energy Lights Up the Community

Light Energy Community in Arroyomolinos de Leon Huelva

More and more energy communities are being built, this documentary shows how this has been possible with different types of energy (photovoltaic, wind, hydraulic, biomass, a mix …) in very different parts of Spain and All of them have been done successfully.

What the documentary makes clear is that the main obstacle is not economic, but administrative issues, town halls, communities and other institutions together with distribution companies are going to bury you in paper, paper and more paper, a little bit now it seems Moves III,

They tell you about the bureaucracy and the difficulties faced by electricity distributors, but also the opportunities that emerge once those hurdles are overcome. As one of the co-operative members says at one point in the documentary: “if i did it anyone can,

Energy communities allow us to decentralize energy and replace an obsolete energy model based on fossil fuels and in the hands of a handful of companies. If you could, would you join in?

Here are the videos:

Chapter 1. Motor Group: Movement

Chapter 2. Administrative issues when building an energy community

Chapter 3. Installation: Hand To Work

If you would like more information about each of them, you can do so by clicking on the following links:

Other success stories include Sapiens Energy in Algeira (Valencia) and La Pablo Renewables in Rivas (Madrid).
All these facilities in Spain and many more around the world are included in the geospatial map of energy communities.

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