¡Dora, Dora, The Ford Explorer!

¡Dora, Dora, Ford Explorer!, series based on his adventure will tune aloha wanderwell With a Ford T at age 16 in Nice in 1922. This story is one that content creator and adventurer Lexi Alford intends to start, “Lexi Limitless” at the age of 21, but this time he wants to do it with the hero of today’s article Ford Explorer EV.

ford explorer ev cover

the ford explorer ev is a medium crossover Built at the Ford-owned Cologne plant Below platform meb, This has been possible because of the agreements between the two companies. The vehicle will be manufactured for the European market and will be the first of the following electric vehicles produced by Ford until 2030, the year in which Americans want to sell only 100% electric vehicles.

inside this impressive vehicle we will meet Seats and steering wheel with Sensiko leather effect upholstery (Explorer Premium trim), both steering wheel and seats Will happen Heating and in the case of The front seats can be moved with the electric system. f will be in the pilot’s seatAbhishek Massage.

between the seats we’ll have 17 liter mega console, Where we can store multiple items, charge smartphones and pour drinks.

ford explorer console central

megaconsole 17 ltr

Explorer will introduce us dual zone air conditioner, and it will warm us with it B’s systemheat pump.

behind the wheel we will find 5” screen Which will provide us with speedometer indications, load and autonomy data and other information of interest. on the dashboard we will find Sound bar with 7 speakers. we will have a 15” touch screen, high resolution and mobile, which can be adjusted according to the need of the driver (sync move), at the bottom of the screen we have my private locker storage, System that hides objects behind the screen.

We will have an infotainment system that will allow us to plan routes and integrate a browser. explorer will have Compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. All functions can be performed with the center screen except haptic buttons bottom of screen that they will drive Audio system and automatic parking system of the vehicle.

we will have many driving mode:

  • General
  • Play
  • ecology
  • custom
  • Traction (for all-wheel drive)

inside driving aids they provide us serial:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC)
  • Blind Spot Detection System (BLIS)
  • Pre-Confrontation Wizard.

possible thanks to these driving aids 12 sensors, 5 external cameras and 3 radars.

the vehicle will provide us 5 seats With all the ease that a car gives us Of 4.46 m tall. are square illuminated by Ambient Light, 10 Colors To express our personality and mood. the cabin is accessed with a system of keyless access have an option to 1m panoramic terrace2 Which will give us natural light or dreamy starry nights.

Interior Explorer EV

Interior Ford Explorer EV

we will have one 450 Ltrs Boot, 1400 Ltrs If we fold the seats. this trunk will give us Double Bottom & Fabric Trayhave rear seats Hatch to house long items inside the vehicle. we can access the trunk thanks a Automatic tailgate.

explorer trunk

Maletero Ford Explorer EV

Ford Explorer will be in EV One of the versions of propulsion and integral traction. it will also Two finishes, Explorer and Explorer Premium.

out we can be directed by Anti Glare LED Matrix Headlights and they give us a choice Tires between 19″, 20″ and 21″.

We can choose between the classic colors of Ford:

  • Blanco Frozen
  • Gris Magnetic
  • negro agate
  • clear red

why two new colors Which would apply to this crossover:

Ford unveils the new Explorer, the first electric SUV built in Europe

Ford Explorer EV Side View

This German-Made American Crossover Will Feature Three types of engines:

  • 170CV (126.7kW)
  • 286 CV (213.27 kW)
  • 340CV (253.5kW)

announces up to 500 km autonomyIt is believed that in the US EPA approval cycle.

Battery will be liquid cooled, can be loaded from 10% to 80% in 25 minutes (Quick Charge) be able to carry Strengths:

  • 135kW in continuous (fast charge)
  • 11kW one optional (wallbox)
  • 2,3kW Too an alternate (shuko)

Explorer Cargo Net Chargeable blue ovalA network consisting of a network of chargers Ionized.

Loading Explorer on Ionity Network

Ionity Charge Network

from the Volkswagen plant in Cologne First units to roll out in December (for customers and test units) And this first delivery would to January.

can do Book from March 21 this year, to be in september the opportunity to The firm’s open orders for reservoirs for 15 days. Orders open to other customers in October.

Reservations are made online (web and app), Ford will provide reservists with exclusive information on both the Ford Explorer and electric mobility for them.

PresentationFord Explorer

Ford Explorer EV unveiled

What is the price of Ford Explorer EV?

He Face value And of course for the first units with the Explorer finish: 45000 €

Would you buy this crossover? How do you view the Ford-Volkswagen partnership? Would you drive it in the woods? Give us your opinion in the comment box.

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