El coche solar: ¿más cerca o más lejos?

What do you think about him? solar car: Is it near or far?. After the failed projects of Sono Sion and Lightyear One, only aptera I live in the current panorama of solar cars, leaving a bleak panorama.

our dear Christopher Sapele dreams with solar carAnd for this he wants to share his thoughts with the world, because the world does not change with thoughts, it changes with actions.

Batteries improve in efficiency and weight every day, as the cost of materials decreases, the efficiency of mass manufacturing improves, lighter and more resistant materials are used (see) Citroen Oli) and increasing the efficiency of solar cells, it will be possible to drive a car powered only by the sun and there are plenty of such in our country.

solar car near or far

He doesn’t want to build a START-UP, nor risk another failure in this area.
You just want to show a concept, that some engineer or CEO of the “Big Players” takes note of and writes it down.
The purpose of the drawing is to show a simple and feasible design.

solar car project

It is a compact segment B under 4 meter and weighs less than 800 kg, with a body made of esparto grass bonded with resin to the aluminum chassis, which is also recycled after the car’s life for brick making. is usable. insulator.
It will be equipped with panels on the hood, roof and tailgate that are more durable than perovskite but with a minimum of 25% efficiency.
It will be powered by 4 motors, one on each wheel, with a sum of 32 kW of useful power, giving a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The software that manages everything will be Android Automotive, let’s not make the mistakes of the past like the VW Group.
All this powered by a battery with a capacity of 40 kWh LFP, Lithium Ferro Phosphate, which is safer, more durable and cheaper to manufacture.

There are already retrofit projects like this prototype of tuk tuk solar Which has been developed in Chiquimula, Guatemala Department during the year 2021-2022:

In Europe also we can see examples of such solar cars squad solar Created in Breda (Holland) by one of the engineers participating in the Lightyear One project:

Citroen AMI solar car possible

Meanwhile Christophe “settles” for the Citroën AMI which only loads from the panel itself.

solar car with moon

Solar cars are obviously more practical in rural environments, where you take your pets, or go camping, or sell fruit, vegetables, etc. Roaming in the villages.
The main idea is to go back to the origin of the word “auto” = self in Greek.
Less battery, less weight, less speed, but more panels and more interior.

It is possible, you just have to have the will to do it.

Who dares to make a true solar car a reality in Spain? Or is it better to make super cool chachipiruli designs that come to nothing later? Or do we prefer big pickups with components made in China and assembled here under the old brand? We are looking forward to your suggestions and comments here and on social networks.

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