Electrify America expands discounted EV charging for Lyft drivers

EV charging network Electrify America has announced it is extending its existing collaboration with ride-hailing platform Lyft to provide the latter’s drivers with discounted charging rates. Lyft drivers operating EVs will now find discounts on all EA chargers coast-to-coast in the US.

Electrify America currently operates one of the largest DC charging networks in the US, operating in 46 different states in addition to the District of Columbia. As a company focused on EV infrastructure, Electrify America can committed billions in bolstering the technology and expanding its network to ensure range anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

To help expedite EV adoption, EA has offered several discounts to customers purchasing new BEVs from a number of different automakers including Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, and VinFast. The company also offers occasional discounts on travel-heavy holidays and is implementing renewable grid technologies like massive solar farms.

In 2019, Electrify America announced a collaboration with Lyft, which offers promotional charging to drivers operating EVs rented under Lyft’s Express Drive program. Today, Electrify America and Lyft have announced they are not only opening up charging discounts to more drivers, but also the amount of chargers available to them.

Electrify America Lyft

Electrify America expands charging discount to all Lyft EVs

Under the expanded collaboration, the charging network is offering tiered discounts to Lyft EV drivers through its Electrify America Pass program. The more customers drive under the loyalty program, the higher their DC charging discount will be. Discounts are as follows:

  • All drivers:
    • A discount of $0.11/kWh for sites that feature energy-based pricing,
    • $0.03/min for 1-90 kW charging sites that feature time-based pricing
    • $0.07/min for 1-350 kW charging
  • Gold and Platinum drivers:
    • A discount of $0.14/kWh for sites that feature energy-based pricing,
    • $0.04/min for 1-90 kW for sites that feature time-based pricing
    • $0.09/min for 1-350 kW charging

Electrify America states these new discounts will be open, coast-to-coast in the US, to all any and all active Lyft drivers using a capable EV. Lyft product director Erin Gray spoke to the expanded charging collaboration with Electrify America:

Upfront costs and access to affordable charging continue to be two of the biggest challenges drivers face when transitioning to electric vehicles. By becoming the first rideshare company to team up with Electrify America, we’re further attacking those barriers head on. Drivers could potentially save hundreds of dollars on charging per year, in addition to the money they would already save on maintenance, by making the switch to EVs. It’s a win for drivers and a win for our environment.

To take advantage of the DC charging discounts, you must get an enrollment code from Lyft, then complete the Premium Offer enrollment on the Electrify America app using an established EA account. Both companies state these new discounts will exist in addition to the aforementioned benefits established in Lyft’s Express Drive program.

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