Empower Energies builds multi-structure 7.6-MW solar project in Ohio


Empower Energies has completed construction of a 7.6 MW solar facility for a Fortune 100 client in a commercial office park in Columbus, Ohio.

Credit: Empower Energies

The project, designed and built by Empower Energies, includes a solar canopy over several parking lots, as well as rooftop solar on four and five-story buildings. Both project elements are interconnected with current electrical distribution equipment.

“This project is another great example of our ability to work alongside our customers to build a fully customized solar installation that meets their vision for both design and energy savings. We are proud of the quality of execution and the standard our team sets for corporate clean energy solutions,” said Empower Energies CEO Michael Belko.

Empower Energies has so far completed 32.7 MW of operational renewable energy projects for this Fortune 100 client. These projects range from California, Texas, Delaware, Arizona, Ohio, Colorado, Louisiana and Florida and include solar parking garages and rooftop solar projects.

“Helping customers evaluate clean energy solutions across their portfolio of sites across the country provides a unique opportunity to maximize customer ROI and offset carbon emissions at scale,” said Empower Energies CEO Patrick Core. “Time is of the essence in our mission to mitigate the effects of climate change, and helping our customers decarbonize in multiple locations simultaneously is an efficient and expedient way to achieve that goal.”

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