Este no es el primer anuncio de Tesla, aunque todos digan que sí- =P!

Over the past few hours, several media outlets have been echoing a video from Tesla Australia and New Zealand that looks like an advertising spot.Tesla’s first ad, We already know that Tesla has always been a bit denier From television or billboard commercials, and rarely paid for a simple brand advertisement.

It’s all gone viral because a few weeks ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that they would start testing short ads to give the brand more traction now that it costs more.

Tesla Asia on Twitter has published a 2 minute video within its program drive to believe Where a woman describes how she lives the experience of having a Tesla, and with a video of the brand, they invite you to buy it.

It certainly may be a full blown advertisement, but this Drive to Believe video series is not new by any means, it’s over 8 years old now.
We have videos from many countries on your Youtube channel, so This is not his first advertisement. These videos have always been a highlight for the brand and they invite you to test drive Tesla without any commitment, as they believe you have to experience it to be able to believe it. What do they really sell?

Tesla may have this idea a few months or weeks from now, but for the time being it is not a paid ad nor does it show up as promoted in your timeline. This is only available if you are a Tesla fan and find your content relevant to you.

And you, what do you think? Do you think this is Tesla’s first announcement? you can follow us Twitter And in our official Pasatealoelectrico accounts on Instagram where we answer your doubts and questions.

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