EVBox’s new 400 kW EV charger can add 62 miles of range in 3 minutes

EVBox announced today that it’s launched the first standalone 400 kW EV charging station that has been proven in the field.

The Amsterdam-based company’s new DC fast charger is called the EVBox Troniq High Power, and EVBox says it can add up to 62 miles (100 km) of range in just three minutes – that is, if supported by the electric vehicle. That would make it one of the fastest EV charging stations available on the market today.

The charging power can also be dynamically shared by two EVs, allocating, for instance, 200 kW of energy to each vehicle.

EVBox ran an Early Adopter Program to test the 400 kW charging station over five months near Amsterdam and Toulouse. The company says it logged more than 4,000 successful charging sessions and more than 1,700 hours of active charging. It says that more than 91 MWh of energy was delivered to electric vehicles.

Let’s look at Tesla Superchargers for a minute, for context. The Tesla V3 Supercharger is currently capped at 250 kW. Tesla launched its first V4 Superchargers in the Netherlands in March, and it looks as though they have a total max power output of 600 kW. As Electrek‘s Fred Lambert rightfully pointed out, “The top rated output is rarely something that is maintained or even achieved, but theoretically, that’s what the new Supercharger V4 can do.”

Of course, EVs also need the capability to handle to accept higher levels of power, too.

EVBox is aiming to produce up to 2,000 units this year at its factory in Bordeaux, France, and expects to begin to fulfill orders from September 2023 in Europe.

Photo: EVBox

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