First electric motorcycle company adopts Tesla’s NACS connector

The last few weeks have seen the floodgates open for electric vehicle manufacturers to sign on to Tesla’s NACS charging network, helping to solidify the standard as the new main charging connector for EVs in the US. But no electric motorcycle manufacturers had announced intentions to adopt Tesla’s charging connector, at least until now.

Verge Motorcycles, a Finnish electric motorcycle maker that is expected to begin selling its motorcycles in the US later this year, has just joined the ranks of well-known electric carmakers like GM, Rivian, Ford, Volvo, and others in announcing its intention to utilize Tesla’s NACS charging network.

Verge’s CTO Marko Lehtimäki compared his company to the NACS charging network creator:

We have been following with interest the discussion about the future of the charging infrastructure and Tesla’s decision to open up its NACS charging standard. Providing our customers with a comprehensive and easy fast charging system is vital in terms of Verge’s growth. We are currently preparing to enter the US market, and as the Tesla of motorcycles, this decision seemed like a natural solution for us.

The COO of Verge’s US operations, Pekka Parnanen, explained that the sheer size of the NACS charging network means that the decision simply makes sense:

Total customer service is everything for Verge. We want Verge owners to have access to the most extensive fast charging system in North America, which is why we plan to utilize Tesla’s network of 17,000 charging stations.

Late last year, Tesla announced that it would use its proprietary connector as a charging standard to be adopted in North America. The company renamed its connector the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

Earlier this week, SAE International announced that it is starting the process to officially standardize the North American Charging Standard (NACS), which should make the connector less dependent on Tesla.

NACS charging
The NACS connector compared to the much larger CCS connector

Verge’s move is notable as the motorcycle industry has long lagged behind the automotive industry in the adoption of technological advancements. For instance, anti-lock brakes took nearly two decades longer to become standard in motorcycles. Even electric motorcycles themselves have failed to reach the market share that electric cars currently enjoy.

But with Verge Motorcycle’s announcement that it plans to adopt the NACS connector for charging, perhaps other major manufacturers of electric motorcycles, such as Zero, Energica, and Harley-Davidson, will follow suit.

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