First Solar develops bifacial CdTe thin-film solar panel


First Solar has developed a double-sided solar panel using its CdTe thin film technology. Fully functional pre-commercial series 6 Plus The bifacial module will make its industry debut at Intersolar Europe this week. Double-sided solar panels have so far only been developed with crystalline silicon solar designs.

The field- and lab-tested module features transparent back contact technology developed by First Solar’s research and development teams that, in addition to enabling bi-resistive power generation, allows infrared wavelengths of light to pass through rather than absorbed as heat, and is expected to lower the operating temperature of the biphasic module and result in a higher specific energy output.

“This module combines the quality, stability, reliability and long-term performance of our 6 Series Plus platform with the growth of our First Solar,” said Pat Buehler, Chief Product Officer, First Solar. “When do we expect Series 6 after commercialization? Plus Bifacial to introduce the first true alternative to crystalline silicon-based bifacial technology that effectively combines bi-resistivity with the industry’s best guaranteed degradation rate, CdTe thin film capability to deliver more power per board watt, best-in-class reliability and durability, and an innovative module. design”.

Last year, First Solar announced it would build a new R&D innovation center in Perrysburg, Ohio. The facility, which represents an investment of approximately $370 million, is expected to accelerate the development and production of advanced thin-film PVs. Scheduled for completion in 2024, the new R&D center will be located adjacent to First Solar’s existing Perrysburg manufacturing facility, spanning approximately 1.3 million square feet. It will have a high-tech pilot production line to produce full-size prototypes of thin-film and tandem PV modules.

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