Fisker Ocean gets 360 mile EPA range, US deliveries this month

Reservation holders who have been waiting patiently for Fisker Ocean deliveries to begin here in the states may see the new SUV in their driveways as early as this month… as long as they sprang for one of the top tier trims. Fisker is reporting that the Ocean Extreme SUV has been certified for US sales by the EPA and garnered a 360 mile estimated range. Not bad.

The Ocean is an SUV appropriately named, as its saga has hit ebbs and flows, high tides and lows, much like the company that built it. Ocean production began on schedule last November, but ramp up has been slower than anticipated.

The first deliveries would not come until early May 2023, beginning with one SUV in Denmark, followed by a second delivery in Germany that went to Henrik Fisker himself. Before those European deliveries began, Fisker was touting a WLTP range for the Ocean Extreme (and limited One trim) at 707 km (439 miles) with 20″ wheels.

Impressive for sure, but even then, we pointed out that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is much stricter in its range certifications, and expected the US mileage estimates for the Fisker Ocean to be significantly less. While they are, the top tier Ocean’s certified range is more than Fisker originally advertised and is still quite high for an SUV.

Fisker Ocean range

Ocean Extreme EPA range exceeds Fisker’s estimates

When we first learned about all the trims of the Ocean when Fisker publicly launched it at the LA Auto Show in 2021 (that feels like five years ago), the automaker said its top “Extreme” trim, which also comes in a launch edition “One” version with the same specs, would offer around 350 miles of range, thanks in part to its 113 kWh “Hyper Range” battery pack.

According to official EPA estimates, the Ocean One Extreme can deliver 360 miles of range on 20″ wheels. Additionally, that version of the electric SUV is now officially certified by both the EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) for sale and delivery in all 50 states plus DC.

Additionally, Fisker Inc. states the Ocean Extreme has completed all applicable FMVSS testing required by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) self-certification and meets New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) standards for a 5-star rating – although it has not officially received a safety rating yet. CEO Henrik Fisker spoke:

A lot of hard work went into achieving these results, and it feels great to give our customers
a better range than we had estimated. Delivering an EPA 360 mile range in the US and WLTP
707 km range in Europe gives our drivers what they want: a fantastic 5-passenger vehicle,
and the confidence they’re driving the electric SUV with the longest range available in an
affordable new vehicle

This is a huge milestone for everyone at Fisker. We are looking forward to getting Oceans to customers in the US, and we plan to send out communications today to our first customers.

Those first US customers receiving a call from Fisker will be those who opted for the Ocean Extreme or Ocean One, and will be able to take advantage of the new EPA certified range first. As we previously reported, Fisker is focusing on deliveries these top tier models in Europe and the US first, so we won’t see other Ocean trims begin deliveries until this fall at the earliest.

It will be interesting to see how production and deliveries numbers ramp up when Fisker shares its Q2 2023 report in a couple months. Ocean SUVs on US soil means we’re closer than ever to driving one for ourselves, and we are looking forward to it.

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