Fisker to enter China, first Ocean deliveries expected in early 2024

Fisker Inc. announced that it will soon begin selling (and possibly producing) its flagship Ocean SUV in China. Executives from the American automaker recently visited Shanghai and discussed collaboration opportunities in the country, which has enabled plans for a delivery center opening this year followed by first Ocean deliveries in 2024.

Fisker Inc. is slowly but surely expanding the its global EV presence by riding the wave produced by its Ocean SUV. The flagship EV began deliveries this past May – six months after production originally began in Austria.

While US reservation holders are still waiting for first deliveries, European drivers are starting to see Ocean SUVs trickle in. With two additional production models in its pipeline, Fisker is once again striving to become a globally recognized name in EVs.

That’s why today’s news about Fisker expanding sales to China makes a lot of sense – the country is in many ways leading a lot of all-electric innovation and its consumers are adopting zero emissions vehicles more quickly than other countries.

Could Fisker begin EV production in China next year?

The automaker shared details of its expansion plans today, sharing that its leadership team had already visited Shanghai to discuss supply chains, logistics, warehousing, and even future production (hint hint).

If you happened to be listening to Fisker’s annual shareholder meeting earlier this week, this news may come with less surprise as China board member Danial Foa said the following:

Firstly, China represents a third of global vehicles sales, which is roughly 26 million cars in 2022, of which electric vehicles represent 6-7 million, around a 25% share. In 2023 year-to-date, that has grown to around 27%. Secondly, the premium and affordable luxury segment is growing faster than general segments. Fisker fits right in that segment with its unique history, features and design.

China has always had a high acceptance rate of high-quality traditional international automotive brands. there has been a rapid shift to electrification both from government policies and consumer behavior. Fisker is one of only two EV only international companies which are viable alternatives to traditional brands. this will enable us to be on the short list for consumer purchase decisions, but with na more feature rich product.

What other EV only brand is Foa referring to? Did he just put Fisker in the same echelon as Tesla? Love the tenacity, but Fisker has a ways to go in order to penetrate that international market. Still, Fisker thinks the Ocean has the goods and will look to peddle the SUV in China, beginning with a delivery center that will join its existing office.

No word yet on where this delivery center will be set up in China, but Fisker expects it to enable deliveries in Q1 of next year. Better still, CEO Henrik Fisker made it seem like bringing Ocean production to China is inevitable :

We expect China to be an important growth market for EVs in the future and believe out vehicles will be very appealing. That is why we established an office there and intend to open a delivery center this year. I believe we can get production in China up and running as early next year, adding capacity of 75,000 Oceans annually.

This will certainly be a significant business move to keep an eye on. More to come.

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