Florida Subaru dealership now powered by nearly 400-kW solar project


Don Mealey Auto Group has announced the opening of its new Sport Subaru dealership in Orlando, featuring ESA’s 395 kW rooftop solar project. This solar array will serve as a pilot project for the future electrification of other Don Mealey Group auto dealerships as part of a multi-dealership strategy focused on clean energy technology.

This location will see an average of 60% reduction in annual electricity costs, with a projected return on investment of approximately 6 years.

“I’m incredibly proud of the journey we’ve taken to bring Sport Subaru to its new home,” said Robert Milley, owner of Sport Subaru. “We’re excited to be producing our own solar energy that not only makes good business sense, but also aligns with our values ​​of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We are excited to be a part of the Orlando community and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service and support to our customers.”

As more people switch to electric vehicles, the need for EV charging stations increases. Auto dealers can use solar energy to power these charging stations, making them more cost-effective and reducing their reliance on the grid. By installing solar panels and EV charging stations, car dealers can create a more sustainable and convenient experience for their customers.

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