Former Lamborghini, Ferrari execs to launch an electric sedan

Aiming to be the “Italian redefinition of electric mobility,” AEHRA is a new global ultra-premium EV mobility brand. After recruiting talent from Lamborghini and Ferrari, AEHRA looks to disrupt the auto industry with Italian design and world-class engineering. AEHRA is launching two new EVs, including an electric “supercar sedan” and an SUV.

Born in the US and raised in Italy, AEHRA’s founder and CEO, Hazim Nada, launched the new ultra-premium EV brand last June.

Nada aims to redefine ultra-high premium EV mobility by instilling the “very latest engineering, battery, and manufacturing technologies in a manner not yet achieved by any automaker.”

After founding Aero Gravity, Europe’s largest vertical wind tunnel, in 2015, NADA decided to use his advanced aerodynamics knowledge to reenvision the premium auto industry.

Nada realized “no automotive manufacturer was taking full advantage of emerging EV architecture to deliver a genuine step-change in vehicle aerodynamics, cabin space, comfort, and human journey experience.” Instead, he says, most automakers design and manufacture EVs like ICE vehicles.

To address this issue, AEHRA is optimizing its cars’ exterior and interior design based on Italian influence, including a dedicated EV platform.

The AEHRA team is led by Chief Design Officer Filippo Perini, former Lamborghini lead designer who oversaw the design of several iconic models, including the Murciélago LP 640, Aventador, Huracan, Centenario, and Urus.

In addition, AEHRA appointed Franco Climatti, who spent 32 years with Ferrari, as chief engineering officer earlier this year.

With a team of seasoned professionals from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Alfa Romeo, and others behind it, AEHRA is releasing an electric SUV and supercar sedan.

AEHRA reveals its electric supercar sedan

After revealing the first images of its premium all-electric SUV last year, AEHRA said it would follow it up with a sedan model this year.

Holding true to its promise, AEHRA teased the first images of its electric sedan on Wednesday. AEHRA says the new sedan follows in the footsteps of the SUV version with “exquisitely beautiful flowing lines and exceptionally strong organic, muscular proportions.”

The company describes the profile and tapered rear design characteristics as something “that would typically be the preserve of a supercar show vehicle.”

Perini, head of design, explained:

At AEHRA, we do not believe in creating unrepresentative concept cars, so when we unveil the new Sedan at the Milano Monza Moving Motor Show on June 16th, the car will look virtually identical to the final production model that will arrive in 2026.

The electric supercar sedan will feature recyclable carbon fiber composite material and advanced engineering to deliver a unique all-electric driving experience.

AEHRA will begin production on the electric sedan in 2025, six months after the SUV, with deliveries following by 2026. Both are aiming for at least 800 km (497 miles) range. Perini told Autocar it was the “best vehicle” he has ever designed and “the exterior is amazing.”

To streamline production, the sedan will share 70% of its parts with the SUV, including a 3m-long monobody chassis and a 120 kWh battery. It’s also expected to be offered with two or three motors for up to 794 bhp output.

AEHRA plans to build 25,000 of each model, with a strategic global rollout scheduled in 2026, including North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States.

Electrek’s Take

The company seems too good to be true – an all-electric premium EV brand led by a former Lamborghini designer and Ferrari Engineer.

Although the company has aggressive ambitions for the future, AEHRA says it has “substantial private funding in place” and a “clear roadmap to deliver on its unique transformative business model.”

We will learn more about the electric supercar sedan and the company’s plans during the model’s debut at the Milano Monza Moving Motor Show on June 16.

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