GM Energy shares details of Ultium Home charging bundles

Eight months after sharing details of its new GM Energy business unit, General Motors has shared the first product specifications for its lineup of Ultium Home charging solutions designed for residential EV owners. The company will initially offer three distinct home energy management bundles, including capabilities for vehicle-to-home functionality and solar installations.

As one of the world’s largest automakers, GM has used the global burgeoning of EV adoption to not only remain relevant but to eventually become the industry leader. CEO Mary Barra has repeatedly shared GM’s intentions to dethrone longtime EV sales leader Tesla by mid-decade, but the American automaker has delivered slower progress than anticipated.

Just recently, Barra cited battery production (or lack thereof) as an inhibitor to growth in its EV lineup but said “it will be dramatically different” next year. Like rival Tesla, GM is developing and implementing several new business entities that will operate adjacent to EV manufacturing.

For example, GM continues to expand its Ultium Charge 360 network, which is soon to include a new network of coast-to-coast DC fast chargers across 500 Pilot and Flying J travel stations.

Last October, we learned that the Ultium Charge 360 network would be repositioned under a new business unit called GM Energy, which also includes holistic energy management solutions for both homes and businesses.

Today, GM Energy has shared the first product details of its Ultium Home products, which will consist of three separate bundles designed to suit the different energy needs of future GM EV drivers.

Ultium Home
Credit: GM Energy

Ultium Home looks to give GM EV owners energy freedom

Per GM Energy, the three bundles arrive as the first energy solutions available to residential customers under the new Ultium Home product line. With them, GM hopes to provide EV owners with energy independence and resilient backup power to alleviate dependency on the local grid.

As you’ll see below, one of the key features of GM Energy’s new Ultium Home bundles is vehicle-to-home (V2H) capabilities. By installing a specific kit paired with a GM EV with bidirectional charging abilities, homeowners will soon be able to power their homes using their vehicle, whether during a climate emergency or peak grid hours.

GM’s new PowerBank can also pair with the V2H kit to enable additional stationary storage in addition to your EV’s battery pack, whether that excess energy is coming from the grid or solar panels on your roof. Speaking of which, GM Energy states future Ultium Home customers will also have the opportunity to have the sustainable tech installed atop their residences with the help of SunPower – GM Energy’s exclusive provider.

Below, you can see how the first three initial Ultium Home bundles have been organized.

Ultium Home
The V2H Bundle / Credit: GM Energy
  • Ultium Home V2H Bundle
    • GM PowerShift Charger
      • Up to 19.2 kW charge speeds (AC)
      • Enables vehicle-to-home (V2H) bi-directional charging with a compatible GM EV and V2H Enablement Kit (see below)
    • V2H Enablement Kit
      • Inverter, home hub, and dark start battery
      • 9.6 kW of discharge power
      • Safely disconnects the home from the grid
Ultium Home
The Ultium Home Energy System / Credit: GM Energy
  • Ultium Home Energy System
    • GM PowerShift Charger (see details above)
    • V2H Enablement Kit (details above)
    • GM PowerBank
      • Ultium Home’s stationary storage unit
      • Connects to V2H Enablement Kit to extend backup capability and store solar or grid energy
      • Available in 10.6 kWh (5 kW) and 17.7 kWh (7 kW) variants
Ultium Home
The Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle / Credit: GM Energy
  • Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle
    • GM PowerBank
    • Inverter and home hub

The company states that all of the new Ultium Home products will connect to one another via the GM Energy Cloud, allowing its owners to monitor and manage their energy usage and how that energy is dispersed across the Ultium products. GM Energy vice president Wade Sheffer spoke to the new product lineup rolling out:

As GM Energy’s ecosystem of connected products and services continues to expand, we’re excited to provide customers with options for greater energy management beyond the vehicle. Our initial Ultium Home offerings represent an opportunity for customers to take greater control over their personal energy independence and resiliency.

As you may have noticed, one very important detail left out by GM Energy today is pricing. All the energy unit has said so far is, “MSRP and timeline for delivery for each of Ultium Home’s initial product bundles will vary.” We’ve asked for more details but have yet to hear back.

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