Gripple’s new CableSmart Mini Hanger is designed for homerun management


Gripple has introduced a new cable management solution, the CableSmart Mini Hanger, specifically designed for wire cable management.

The new CableSmart Mini Hanger is part of the Gripple cable management range, which now has solutions for safely managing both wire and homerun cables above ground. Designed for use with Gripple’s quick-tension CableSmart Messenger Kit, the CableSmart Mini Hanger is quick to install and offers maximum protection for cables. This is due to its locking hanger design, an easy side-loading feature that prevents cable damage during installation, combined with a wide surface area that is engineered to prevent long-term damage from abrasion or wear.

The Gripple CableSmart cable management range has been developed as a durable long-term alternative to other more mainstream systems, with a design life of 30+ years across the range and tested operating temperatures from -40° to 90°C.

“Our innovation team worked hand-in-hand with electrical contractors and EPCs to develop the new CableSmart mini hanger,” said Glen Bills, Director of Solar Business Development. “It’s quick and easy to install using only hand tools, helping them reduce labor costs and meet project deadlines.”

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