Ideematec single-axis trackers ordered for 640-MW Texas solar project


Ideematec, a manufacturer of utility-scale solar tracking systems, is supplying Parliament Solar with its Horizon L:TEC 1P solar tracking system for a 640 MW solar project in Texas.

“We are excited to begin our shipments to Parliament Solar. In addition to advancing the adoption of clean energy in Texas, projects of this magnitude greatly accelerate the North American energy transition,” said Philip Klemm, CEO of Ideematec. “Ideematec has shipped more than 5 GW of its award-winning trackers worldwide, and our participation in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas region underscores our competitiveness in the US utility-scale market.”

Ideematec’s Horizon L:TEC 1P is a solar tracking system designed around patented decoupled motor technology and a proprietary locking system designed for greater stability and less maintenance.

“The flexible configuration and locking technology of our Horizon L:TEC® trackers is an ideal combination for demanding environments in Texas,” said Mario Eckle, CEO of Ideematec. “Ideematec’s patented technology provides the highest additional profit, optimizes overall profitability and improves the life of the solar tracking system’s performance.”

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