Indian panel manufacturer Saatvik has plans for a 1.5-GW factory in USA


Saatvik, an Indian manufacturer of solar batteries, told A world of solar energy it is exploring options for a 1.5 GW panel manufacturing plant in the US. Saatvik already supports a 1GW plant in Haryana, India, and is also starting a new 1.2GW panel and cell facility in Gujarat, India.

The US plant is expected to produce TOPCon modules and be operational by the second half of 2024. Saatvik manufactures mono and double-sided mono-PERC solar panels in 72 cell configurations in India. Saatvik’s website says the company uses M10 wafers and plans to upgrade to G12 technologies. Ultimately, the company aims to become “the most premium solar PV module brand in India by 2025”.

Prashant Mathur, CEO of Saatvik Group, said, “The establishment of the new manufacturing unit in the US will strengthen the relationship between Indian manufacturers and US customers.”

Saatvik solar panels are already available in the US through the company’s two warehouses in California and Indiana.

“To meet demand and ensure a continuous supply of solar modules, our warehouses receive regular replenishment from our manufacturing facilities in India. This allows us to maintain sufficient inventory and ensure prompt delivery to our customers,” said Vineet Kumar, Marketing Manager, Saatvik. “These modules are manufactured in India and comply with US regulations. Currently, the company sells the modules directly and through our network of distributors.”

According to Saatvik management, establishing a production facility in the US will allow the company to serve the global market more efficiently. Saatvik established a dedicated US office in Seattle in April and has a US entity in Texas that will oversee the operations of the US manufacturing facility. The company also plans to support EPC services.

While a U.S. factory location has not yet been selected, Saatvik said several sites have been selected based on transportation networks, labor availability and target markets.

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