Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus debuts with LFP battery

Jackery today is introducing a new lineup of portable power stations deemed the Explorer Plus series. The first model to hit the scene is the new Explorer 2000 Plus, which makes some notable improvements in order to be one of the brand’s most capable releases to date for tapping into some power while camping or just at home during outages. As Jackery’s first LFP power station, the new Explorer 2000 Plus packs a 2kWh capacity, 3,000W output, and modular design.

Jackery debuts new Explorer 2000 Plus

Everything with Jackery’s latest starts with the Explorer 2000 Plus itself. The new power station packs some notable new technology inside, but also does so with a refreshed form factor that now comes with a fold out handle and wheels to make it easier than ever to transport. We’ve seen other brands in the space add the comfort features to their higher-end power stations, and now Jackery is making that standard on its new Plus series.

The latest Solar Generator kit also finally makes the switch away from the NCM batteries that have long been used by Jackery over to the longer lasting and safer LFP standard. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery has been one of the more widely adopted standards around the larger battery space as of late, and now the brand is finally introducing that technology into the collection. It’s worth noting that Jackery knows there are some drawbacks to the newer tech, like degraded performance in below 0-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, but the company will be keeping a mix of NCM and LFP batteries in its stable where it sees fit.

Relying on that new battery tech means that Jackery has been able to pack 3,000W of power output into its latest release. The LiFePO4 battery supports 4,000 charge cycles at over 70% capacity, while opperating at a quieter 30dB than other models in the brand’s stable. It has a starting 2kWh capacity, which can be expanded up to 24kWh, too.

As for how you’ll actually be able to leverage all of that power, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus comes outfitted with the kind of flagship roster of ports you’d expect from its latest and greatest. There’s four full AC outlets, as well as dual USB-A slots, a pair of 100W USB-C outputs, and a 12V car jack. Then with inputs, there’s the ability to plug in as many as six of the brand’s SolarSaga panels for truly embracing that off-grid lifestyle.

It’s not just hardware improvements, either, as there’s also some new peace-of-mind features. There’s a new ChargeShield system that monitors output in order to not just boost battery life, but also help prevent overheating. Jackery also implements a patented AC parallel technology that automatically shuts down the power station should anything change with your configuration.

Jackery is also pairing its new Explorer 2000 Plus with an add-on battery pack for an even larger capacity. The seperate unit can plug right into your main power station, offering some extra juice. It replies on a modular system that stacks right on top of the main unit in order to add an extra 2kWh of power. The main power station can support five of these extra batteries, too.

Pricing for the Explorer 2000 Plus is set at $2,199 when it does launch later this summer. Scoring the full Solar Generator Kit from Jackery will set you back $4,999 at launch, too. There are some other kits available that lean into the more modular elements of the package for building out your own preferred configuration.

To go alongside today’s introduction of the new Explorer Plus series, Jackery is offering some chances to save on the new 2000 power station. As early-bird discounts, right now you can spend $1 to lock in as much as $499 in savings when the new release does end up shipping. That drops the power station itself to $1,980with its more capable Solar Generator counterpart hitting $4,500.

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