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All of your July 4th green energy deals are now bundled up in one place. Courtesy of our colleagues at 9to5Toyswe have some notable offers on environmentally-conscious gear from top brands, all of which are headlined by the first discounts on Jackery’s just-released Explorer 2000 Plus power station at $400 off. The savings also continue over to solar-powered Anker SOLIX packages for lessening your reliance on the actual power grid, as well as electric lawn mowers from WORX to ditch gas and oil from your routine.

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July 4th savings land on Jackery’s new Explorer 2000 Plus

Earlier this spring, Jackery expanded its lineup of popular portable power stations with the new Explorer 2000 Plus. Doing far more than just adding some extra ports and higher battery capacity into the mix, this new release marks the company’s first release in the march to transition over to LFP batteries. Now it’s on sale for the very first time courtesy of the brand’s official Amazon storefront.

Right now, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus sells for $1,999 shipped. You’re looking at $400 in savings from the usual $2,399 price tag that it just launched with back in the middle of June, as well as the first chance to save since the original pre-order phase ended.

Everything with Jackery’s latest starts with the Explorer 2000 Plus itself. The new power station finally makes the switch away from the NCM batteries that have long been used by Jackery over to the longer lasting and safer LFP standard. Relying on that new battery tech means that Jackery has been able to pack 3,000W of power output into its latest release. The LiFePO4 battery supports 4,000 charge cycles at over 70% capacity, while fans opperate at a quieter 30dB than other models in the brand’s stable. It has a starting 2kWh capacity, which can be expanded up to 24kWh, too.

As for how you’ll actually be able to leverage all of that power, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus comes outfitted with the kind of flagship roster of ports you’d expect from its latest and greatest. There’s four full AC outlets+ an RV friendly TT-30, as well as dual USB-A slots, a pair of 100W USB-C outputs, and a 12V car jack. Then with inputs, there’s the ability to plug in as many as six of the brand’s SolarSaga panels for truly embracing that off-grid lifestyle.

One of the hallmarks of the new Explorer 2000 Plus is that it also pairs with some expansion batteries for those who need even more juice. Those bundles are on sale, too, with Amazon taking $350 off the new Explorer Kit 4000 at $3,449. Be sure to clip the on-page coupon to lock-in the savings. This too is a new all-time low and extending just how long the battery can keep gear going during power outages, tailgates, and campouts.

WORX delivers a more capable electric mower at $673

We’ve seen a lot of electric lawn mower discounts go live throughout the spring and even some off-season savings back over the winter. But if you’ve needed something a bit more capable to help tame your unruly lawn and those price cuts just didn’t do it for you, Amazon is stepping in to deliver a notable price cut on the WORX Nitro 80V 21-inch electric mower as one of the best July 4th Green Deals. Dropping from the usual $800 going rate for the first time since March, today’s offer lands at $672.82. Those $127 in savings deliver the first offer in months and the third-best price of the year. It’s also $25 under our previous mention.

This WORX electric lawn mower is said to deliver gas-like power without all of the fossil fuel usage. It comes centered around the brand’s 80V ecosystem, powering the brushless motor with four of its 5Ah Pro batteries. There’s a 21-inch cutting deck to pair with a self-propelled form-factor backed by rear wheel drive, an adjustable height to pick from seven different positions, and dual mulching or bagging capabilities.

Save $350 or more on Anker’s latest PowerHouse 767 GaNPrime power station

Earlier this month, Anker launched its new Solix brand, retrofitting its existing portable power stations and solar panels into a distinct subbrand. Today, we’re seeing some discounts go live across the lineup, all of which come headlined by the PowerHouse 767 GaNPrime power station at $1,649 after the on-page coupon has been clipped. Today’s offer lands at $350 off the usual $1,999 going rate. This had originally launched at $2,199, and is now landing with some extra savings to hit the second-best discount yet. It comes within $50 of the all-time low, too. Living up to its status as Anker’s most full-featured power station so far, the new PowerHouse 767 arrives centered around a massive 2,048Wh internal battery. Backed by GaNPrime charging tech, this unit can also handle dishing out 2,400W of power from its 12 different charging options. There’s notably an RC port to go alongside four full AC outlets, three USB-C outputs, USB-A, and a pair of car outlets. We breakdown what to expect in our coverage from back in December, too.

As we detailed back in December, Anker’s power station also comes supplemented with some add-on gear to help extend its battery life or just refuel away from home. Leaning into the off-grid nature, the dual 200W solar panel bundle kicks things off and is on sale for $2,499. This is down from its usual $3,099 going rate in order to deliver a new all-time low at $100 below our previous mention. Then for some extended runtime, the Anker PowerHouse 767 also comes packaged with one of the 760 Expansion Batteries for $2,599. This set would normally run you $3,299 and is also at an all-time low, beating the previous discount by an extra $100, as well. Just don’t forget to clip the on-page coupon for either of these offerings.

Ebikes, a summer favorite!

Other new Green Deals landing for July 4th

The Independence Day savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine.

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