Los eléctricos duplican sus ventas en Abril y los de combustión se estancan

Las Electric car sales doubled in AprilBeing a powerful month in sales if we compare it with the year 2022. we thank you once again @ValdesL2 for his report on Twitter.

In April, more than 3,500 electric vehicles were registered New to the Spanish market. That’s a huge reach in market share from month to month, even more so knowing how hard it is for dealers to “want” themselves to sell you an electric car. In many they sell you yes or yes petrol because they need to clear the stock as soon as possible and it doesn’t happen with them like china they have”30th June as the last day to sell any vehicle that does not comply with the strict 6B rule… After 1st July we will enter an unknown dimension that Europe will see in the face of 2025 and Euro7Luis Valdes said.

MG4 in the Canary Islands

Vehicle Best seller has been MG4, which has been selling well, due to its good starting price. total of 373 sales Received this vehicle in Spain, and for #pasatealoelectrico we expect huge growth this year 2023, thanks to the expansion of its dealerships that are opening across the country. You can read our MG4 article here.

The rest of the top 3 goes to Citroën, with its ëC4 and its 274 units sold, followed by Tesla thanks to its Model Y with 249 units sold in April. Overall, the exact amount of 3,648 electric cars have been sold, which 4.8% of the Spanish market share. We are still far from our European neighbors, but they are growing impressively. If we compare the April month of 2023 and 2022, there has been an increase of 83% in sales.

MG4 charging port

Next, we will do a quantitative analysis of each type of motorization, comparing the month of April in 2023 with that of 2022.


2022 2023 to PERCENTAGE
100% Electric 1991 3648 +83%
Plug-in Hybrid PHEV 4374 4339 -1%
Total 6365 7987 +25%

It is seen how plug-in hybrids are stagnating, and the trend will subside, with electrics being the only ones that will survive in the market because of their great technological advances.


2022 2023 to PERCENTAGE
“Hybrid” (HEV) 19220 21987 +14%
Diesel 12974 11384 -12%
petrol 30357 32613 +7%
gas 1372 1454 +6%

In general, there is an increase in all combustions, but not with figures from a few years ago. Diesel cars continue to decline and are down 12% compared to last year. Many are turning to “hybrids” where they increase significantly. Gasoline maintains its normal market share in the band of 30,000 units per month.

Karsan Electric Buses

In conclusion, I would like to review the large number of electric buses that are being inducted in our cities, where the majority are for urban public transport. In the month of April, we have registered a total of 177 units so far this year, and only 141 were registered in 2022. This means we are growing at x7 speed. Will we be able to reach the desired number of 1,000 new electric buses in 2023?

That’s all for this month, we hope your comments and you found it useful, and you can always follow us on Twitter @pasa_electrico and on Instagram via @pasatealoelectrico

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