Micromobility Europe returns to Amsterdam, full of fun little EVs

Micromobility Europe, along with Micromobility America, is one of the premier trade shows focused purely on small format vehicles designed for personal mobility. If it rolls, moves a few people, and doesn’t look like something you’d never want to park in a crowded city, it will probably be there.

For the next two days, June 8-9, Amsterdam will play host to the Micromobility Europe 2023 event, featuring a pile of new vehicles, a curated list of industry speakers, and more. And Electrek will be there front and center to cover the show in all its micro-glory.

I had the chance to attend Micromobility America last September in San Francisco. As awesome as that experience was to check out the latest in electric scooters, e-bikes, and even electric micro-cars, Micromobility Europe is supposed to be even larger.

The conference is described as an “immersive two-day celebration of small electric vehicles and their power to radically reshape our cities.”

The event will feature over 100 speakers from different areas of the alternative transportation universe, including micromobility company founders, journalists covering the industry, politicians and policy makers, and more.

Over 1,000 attendees are expected to join the event, taking part in presentations, product launches, award shows, test rides, networking events, and general micromobility shenanigans.

A combination of keynote addresses, panels, and roundtable discussions are spread across the two-day schedule, giving insight into different aspects of the industry.

New product launches have also become a key feature of the annual events, with several new electric scooters, e-bikes, and other small-format vehicles making their worldwide debuts at the show.

A new aspect of the event this year will be the “Micromobility Startups Awards” with 24 categories. The competition will be open to any company that has raised less than $20M in total funding, and the entries will be able to pitch for the European Startup of the Year in their respective category.

Each company that is selected will have three minutes to pitch on the Startup Stage at the event in front of a panel of expert judges. Somehow they let me infiltrate the judges table for a few categories though, so we’ll have to keep an eye on their selection standards. Who would have thought they’d let American riffraff in?!

Another hallmark of the event will be the chance for attendees to test-ride micromobility vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers.

A test track will be set up so that riders can safely hop in or on some of the latest and most innovative new models from across Europe.

You can check out my own testing of several different styles of light electric vehicles in my Micromobility America video below, filmed at last year’s event in San Francisco.

Another highlight of the show will a rolling rave on the streets of Amsterdam on Friday afternoon, with bikes, music and a whole pile of fun-loving micromobility nerds pedaling their hearts out.

I’ll be there to cover the show throughout the two days (and I won’t miss that bike rave either), so make sure you wave at me if you see me stroll by at the event. And if you’re on site, be prepared. You’re sure to witness an overwhelming number of fascinating micromobility vehicles from all areas of the industry.

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