Midsummer solar roof installed in the Hamptons


Swedish solar company Midsummer has installed a solar roof on a private residence in the Water Mill neighborhood of the Hamptons in New York.

500 m2: the roof now has a Midsummer SLIM solar roof with 17kW. The slim solar panels were supplied by partner Misummer because it’s Swedish, an American supplier of innovative and high-quality Swedish products in design and manufacturing. The project was installed by New York Solar Solutions.

“Selling sunroofs in one of the world’s most exclusive residential areas is certainly fun and prestigious, and it also has commercial potential,” said Sven Lindström, CEO of Midsummer’s. “Owners of these types of expensive properties are often very environmentally conscious, but don’t want to stick thick silicone panels on their properties. Here we have the opportunity to become an attractive solution not only for villas, but also for golf estates, hotels and other buildings that want to be both sustainable and beautiful.”

Midsummer SLIM is a combination of slim solar panels and a classic metal roof. The product is sold as a complete roof replacement. The metal plate is the same width as the solar panel to maximize the installed efficiency without compromising the discreet design. The solar cell uses CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) technology.

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