Morningstar unveils new charge controller and off-grid inverter line


Morningstar Corporation announced that it is now shipping two new products. The new GenStar MPPT essentially reinvents the solar DC system controller, while the new SureSine series of off-grid industrial inverters match the quality and engineering that Morningstar charge controllers are known for.

The recently introduced GenStar DC Solar DC System Controller and SureSine pure sine wave inverters are in full production and available through Morningstar’s global distribution network. As a fully integrated solar DC system controller, the GenStar MPPT represents the flagship of Morningstar’s new integrated line, while the new SureSine inverter line allows solar professionals to design systems that are all Morningstar with no weak links in the component chain.

The new GenStar MPPT line consists of three models from 60 to 100-A at 200V.

“We started with an all-new design that incorporates the ‘lithium DNA’ and key features of the most sought-after connectivity, control and power conversion,” said Bill Mellema, Morningstar’s director of product management and future CEO. “GenStar has all the essential communication, connectivity and network integration capabilities without the need for adapters or wiring to external equipment; it’s all built in.”

Morningstar’s new SureSine off-grid inverter line is designed and built for the most critical installations in industrial applications, including telecommunications, oil and gas, security, rural electricity and more. The line consists of six main models, from 150 to 2500 W, with 120 or 230 V output and 12, 24 or 48 V voltage.DC: input options.

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