Ohio Republicans introduce bill to start community solar pilot program


Ohio State Representatives James M. Hoopes (R-Napoleon) and Sharon Ray (R-Wadsworth) introduced HB 197 on June 6, which would allow the development of community solar installations as part of a statewide pilot program that would benefit all Ohioans. HB 197 and other solar initiatives are gaining momentum in Ohio, thanks in part to the DeWine Administration’s strong promotion of the economic benefits Ohio’s solar panel industry could bring to the state.

“Our state is ready for community solar and all its economic benefits,” said Representative Hoopes. “This new bill will ensure that projects across the state can generate clean energy, ratepayer savings and local jobs in the fast-growing solar industry right here in Ohio.”

HB 197 would further the state’s energy security goals while increasing economic revenue. First, the bill establishes a pilot program that would consist of 1,500 MW of community solar, enough to power nearly 300,000 homes. Customers of any community solar project will be entitled to receive a bill credit, typically equal to a 10 to 20% savings, from their utility provider for their prorated amount of energy generated from the community solar installation. Second, the bill would make any community solar facility built in brownfields eligible for grants to help cover site preparation and construction costs. The task force will bring together electric distribution utilities, consumers and representatives of the community solar industry to engage in an active conversation to ensure the smooth operation of the pilot program.

“Ohio has the potential to lead the region in community solar, but past legislation has not created ample opportunity. This bill, through its pilot program, will generate energy across the state, bringing bill savings to residents and billions in economic development and millions in local tax revenue to the state.” said Carlo Cavallaro, Midwest Regional Director of the Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA).

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