PearlX installs 700-kW community solar + storage project for California senior community


PearlX announced its first large-scale solar and storage installation after Antin Infrastructure Partners invested in a majority stake in the company in February.

The large-scale installation is for High Desert Villas, a 232-unit senior community in Victorville, California, with more than 700 kW of solar installed on the property’s rooftops and 314 kWh of coupled battery storage. PearlX uses a community solar + storage and financing model that benefits all stakeholders. Strata Equity Group, the owner of the property, receives greater cash flow from PearlX through lease payments. Subscribers get access to clean energy, savings on utility bills and stable backup power to mitigate the impact of grid outages. On average, residents will have approximately 65% ​​of their annual electricity consumption. The local utility, SCE, also benefits by using excess power to help stabilize the grid during peak demand response events.

Already providing electricity to residents today, High Desert Villas marks one of the first distributed generation installations in Southern California Edison’s (SCE) utility space, providing tenants with solar-coupled metered storage. PearlX aims to serve more than 25,000 California apartment renters by 2025.

“It was great working with PearlX. They were very accommodating throughout the process, explaining everything in detail and answering all of our questions,” said Jeffrey Chan, senior asset manager at Strata Equity Group. “We are thrilled that the solar facility is now operational and not only providing clean energy to our community, but also providing energy cost savings to our residents.”

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