Pegasus Solar debuts solar roof mount with pre-installed sealant


Solar roof and rack manufacturer Pegasus Solar has introduced its latest attachment, the InstaFlash, a mount for composite roofs. InstaFlash uses a pre-set, non-hardening sealant designed to fill roof irregularities and is installed. The device and its waterproof sealant can also compensate for missed pilot holes.

InstaFlash from Pegasus Solar

“We approached this design from a clean slate,” says Pegasus CEO Kai Stephan. “It was the guiding principle. “What are the toughest challenges in fixing a composite roof, and how can we solve those challenges with a product that’s easy enough for the novice installer?”

The Pegasus design team started with the worst-case scenario of composite or asphalt roofs; when the fastener is directly aligned on the flange joint between the two plates.

“When the fastener goes down in the so-called ‘handle-canyon’ between the shells, water can pass under the hard tape, mastic or rubber barrier,” said Stephan. “We realized we needed a semi-liquid sealant to fully penetrate and seal this gap to eliminate any potential for leakage.

“InstaFlash virtually eliminates the possibility of user error,” Stefan continued. “You don’t have to worry if your crew has remembered to seal every fastener and missing pilot hole with the proper sealant. InstaFlash does this automatically.”

With the InstaFlash, installers don’t have to use caulking or metal lash tubes, and it installs with a single fastener. The mount can be attached to the roof during rain and can be installed in freezing to desert temperatures (0 to 170°F).

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