Rimac delivers first record-breaking Nevera EV hypercar in the US

Rimac Automobili revealed Tuesday it had delivered its first Nevera electric hypercar to a customer in the US. One of the fastest cars in the world and the current fastest production electric car, the Rimac Nevera, was handed over to its owner by the company’s dealer in New York.

After several years of testing and development with concepts, Rimac enticed performance fans by promising a production version in 2021 limited to 150 units.

Although the all-electric hypercar costs upward of $2.15 billion (€2 million), it is the fastest-production electric car after breaking 23 performance records last month – in one day, a record in itself.

The Rimac Nevera set a new 0-249-0 record of 29.93 seconds, a test of acceleration, aerodynamics, top speed, and stopping power. On the test track in Germany, the Nevera secured 23 independently verified speed records, as well as its recent title for the fastest top speed of a production electric car.

Other records broken that day include 0-60 mph (1.74s), 0-100 mph (3.23s), 0-120 (4.19s), 1/4 mile (8.26s), 0-200 (10.86s), standing mile (20.62s), among others. (Check out the video at the bottom for more info.)

Source: Rimac Automobili

The electric hypercar is powered by four independent, carbon-sleeve, permanent-magnet electric motors, four independent inverters and gearboxes, and FWD with software-controlled torque vectoring.

The front two motors pack 307 hp and 270 Nm max torque each, while the rear motors have 612 hp and 900 Nm max torque each. Powered by a 120 kWh battery pack, the Rimac Nevera hypercar delivers 300 miles of range.

Rimac Nevera electric hypercar lands in the US

Rimac announced it had delivered its first electric hypercar to an owner in the US. The first model came in a Gunpowder Gray paint with a pearlescent finish. In addition, Genmetal Infinitus wheels and gloss black calipers compliment the hypercar’s sleek design.

The interior includes a full Alcantara trim style with subtle green highlights. Buggati Rimac commercial director, Hendrik Malinowski, commented on the milestone, saying:

The US often leads the world when it comes to embracing new innovations in automotive performance. We’re witnessing this phenomenon with the Nevera as American buyers are flocking to secure their place in history. Congratulations to our first US customer, who had the foresight to recognize the Nevera’s immense potential during its early development. They are now rewarded with the incredible honor of being the inaugural Nevera driver in the USA, and the proud owner of the fastest-accelerating road car in the world.

Ronmi Kert, head of sales at Rimac Automobili, says he is proud to deliver the vehicle to its owner personally. He also said he is seeing a growing number of early adopters interested in the market-defining electric vehicle.

Source: Rimac Automobili

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Elon Musk is hinting that the next-generation Roadster will beat Rimac Nevera’s recently beaten performance records. This will be a story to watch unfold. Stay tuned for more.

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