Rivian offers same day delivery to customers visiting Normal facility

Rivian is saying it hears its customers loud and clear, and if they want to get themselves into a shiny new R1T, they’ll have the opportunity to drive off in one next weekend in Normal, Illinois. Customers who venture down to Rivian’s service center at its production hub next week can come see the electric pickups up close, buy one, take delivery, and take it home. You know, almost like a car dealer.

Rivian ($RIVN) now sits a couple of years removed from beginning production of its two flagship EVs – the R1T and R1S – but is just now starting to hit its stride in scaled EV production despite the growing pains that come with the process (ask Tesla).

Rivian’s vehicles have faced several relatively minor safety recalls and recently caught some bad press for an R1T catching fire at an Electrify America station. Still, current Rivian owners are the most satisfied customers in the premium EV segment, according to JD Power.

The young American automaker treads on, gaining momentum in quarterly reports and lowering its delivery times to R1T Pickup customers, all while teasing its next wave of models, like the R2 SUV.

Today, Rivian announced a special sales event taking place in the hometown of its production facility, offering the opportunity for attendees to buy and take delivery of their new EV the same day.


Rivian offers same day delivery during first sales event

Saturday, June 17, Rivian is opening the doors of its service center in Normal, Illinois to the public for a “Same Day Delivery Sales Event.” The event will take place all day to entice prospective Rivian customers to come check out the space and hopefully take delivery of a new R1T.

Rivian specifically states this event applies to the pickups, so those interested in an R1S can stay home… unless you just happen to be near Normal and want to see what Rivian is all about. All are welcome, but the automaker requests you sign up first so it can staff accordingly. A representative for Rivian shared the following explanation for the event with Electrek:

We’ve heard our community, and that they’re looking for ways to take delivery of a Rivian as fast as possible, so this is an additional avenue to make that happen for those interested in the R1T.

If you’re still interested, there are a couple other parameters to understand, especially if you’re looking to actually purchase and take same day delivery of a Rivian R1T. For example, the R1T’s on sale will only be quad motor, large battery pack configurations. Sorry guys, no dual motors.

Demo drives will be available on local roads, but not track routes, and if you’re interested in a trade-in, Rivian says it will take your old car as long as you have title in hand. If you’re hoping to snag a tour of Rivian’s production facility, we unfortunately have disappointing news, that’s a no go.

However, Rivian says visitors to thew same day delivery event will be able to sneak a peak on the plant floor through the windows of the lobby. If you’re down to drive to Normal, Illinois, the event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. CDT next Saturday, June 17. 100 Rivian Motorway Normal, IL, 61761.

Are you going? Let us know and send pics, especially if you take delivery of a new Rivian!

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