S-5! launches online training for installing solar on metal rooftops


S-5!, which manufactures solar attachments for metal roof surfaces, has launched an online training program designed to educate industry members about mounting on metal roofs.

Credit: S-5!

The first series of S-5-University is a crash course focused on solar mounting and metal roofing. S-5!’s new curriculum was created by husband and wife team Sean and Jessica Haddock, who both work in the family business. The curriculum was developed through interaction with clients and industry professionals. They worked with S-5!’s team of technical experts to create step-by-step training courses to train individuals and teams from the ground up.

“Our goal is to provide our customers and the larger solar industry with all the information and tools they need to understand all the ‘whys’ through a single window, gaining insight to make their jobs easier,” said Jessica Haddock, S-5. ! marketing manager.

Participants can log in through the S-5-University company website, where they can choose different courses, take short quizzes at the end of each unit, and receive certificates upon completion.

These classes focus on S-5!’s products and their applications and are intended for contractors, architects, engineers, installers, EPCs, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers interested in installing solar on metal roofs.

“We want to provide industry-leading knowledge of our products so our customers are fully aware of the value of each solution,” Haddock said. “This program will help them become experts in metal roofing fixing solutions.”

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