sale in June | Lightning makes historic maximum in Spain

In June 2023, the sales of electric vehicles in Spain have broken historical figures. sold for the first time More than 5000 units of pure electricityThe cars have sold 6% of sales, and have come within a very short distance of plug-in hybrids.

Tesla and MG are major contributors to this wild growth in sales. Together they have access to over 2,200 vehicles. They are the ones who occupy the first 3 positions in sales, followed by Volkswagen and Citroën.

It is also important to note that motorized vehicles are impounded in all areas, and this only happens in June. 68 100% electric buses have been soldDecarbonizing cities the smart way.

Returning to passenger cars, let’s talk about the data we have, and that is that Tesla occupies the first two places on the list as the undisputed leader. Model Y is the big favorite by consumers now, with a Total 941 Units Sold, anymore with Model 3,771 sales In our country in June. Third, one of the cheapest models we can find on the market 368 MG4 sales.

All other models (first 15), you can see them in the following graph which we have projected for June 2023 sales.

electric sale 23 june

It is very interesting to see these results comparing what has been sold to individuals. As is well known, there are brands that focus more on sales to individuals and others where they are aimed at companies and vehicle fleets.

One of the most dedicated companies is Polestar, where only 3% of sales are to private customers. Citroen, Opel, Peugeot and VW are among those whose sales to private customers do not exceed 10%, As far as the companies that sell the least are concerned: MG, Tesla and Jeep, whose market is very consolidated. Below we show an infographic from our colleague Luis Valdes on Twitter @ValdesL2

june private sale

To make a summary and visualize the market in a global way, we will talk about the total sales in our country. 102,000 passenger cars were sold in the month of June, which is an increase of more than 10% compared to the year 2022. Electrified vehicles stood at 12,405 units, a little over 12% market share, We can break them down into Electric with 5,891 units sold and PHEV Plug-in Hybrid with 6,514 units sold.

As far as thermal vehicles are concerned, there was an increase in HEVs (non-plug-in hybrids like Toyota) which took the total sales to 30,000, but there was a big drop of 25% in diesel sales which barely reached 13,000 vehicles. Reached Gasoline has maintained its market share and reached a little over 44,000 units.

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