Savant Systems acquires POMCube battery and inverter suite


Smart home and energy storage company Savant Systems has acquired POMCube, a solar panel and inverter company.

“As part of our vision to create brighter lives and a more sustainable world, we are continually striving to improve energy efficiency and independence on our path to net zero,” said Bob Madonna, CEO of Savant Systems. “No home can be truly smart without smart energy, and by strengthening our portfolio of energy technologies, we have taken another important step towards our goal of making every home smart.”

For nearly 10 years, POMCube has been developing and deploying energy storage systems (ESS) in North America and Asia. Moving forward, POMCube will operate under the Savant brand and management.

“We are excited to become part of the Savant Systems family and join their renowned culture of technological innovation,” said Andy Lee, founder of POMCube. “From day one, we’ve set out to accelerate the energy transition with cutting-edge inverter and battery technology, and now as part of Savant we can expand our reach to make an even bigger impact.”

Savant will augment its current powertrain with its newly acquired technology. With a scalable inverter from 7.5kW to 125kW with battery storage scaling from 10kWh to 200kWh LFP batteries, the Savant Power System can provide backup power for any size home for days.

The complete Savant Power System and components are eligible for tax credits and other government subsidies through the Inflationary Reduction Act (IRA). Savant is currently exploring opportunities for current government programs to manufacture Savant inverters and storage batteries within the United States.

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