See how a Ford F-150 Lightning tows a 35-ft, 7,200-lb travel trailer

One of the first questions when it comes to electric trucks is, can they tow? (Spoiler, they can.) To answer this, Youtuber Truck King tested the Ford F-150 Lightning by towing a 35-foot travel trailer that weighs 7,200 lbs.

After over 100 years of building trucks, Ford introduced the fully electric F-150 Lightning in May 2021. Ford calls the Lightning its “smartest, most innovative truck” yet.

Knowing its customer base, Ford included up to 775 lb-ft of nearly instant torque to easily handle towing or a full bed with 10,000 lbs max towing capacity (on the XLT and LARIAT models with extended range battery and max trailer tow package).

Earlier this year, the team at Ford Pro released information to help Lightning owners get the most out of their towing experience.

The company claims over half of the Lightning owners are interested in towing and have chosen the max trailer package, enabling the ability to tow up to 10,000 lbs.

Despite common misconceptions, Ford Pro says, “Whether gas or electric, driving distance while towing is similarly impacted by weather, temperature, and geography.” Adding speed and trailer aerodynamics play a key role.

Ford F-150 Lightning tows a 35-ft travel trailer

To see for themselves, Truck King tested the Ford Lightning LARIAT’s (with max tow package) towing ability by hooking it up to a 35-foot, 7,200 lb Coachmen travel trailer.

Source: Truck King Youtube

Although they have pulled with the Lightning before (9,000 lbs), it was a low-boy trailer with the weight down low.

The 35-foot Coachmen presents a new challenge with the weight being carried up higher, especially on a windy day as it was during the test.

As you can see in the video, Ford’s AI-based hitch assist tool automatically aligns the Lightning’s hitch ball to the trailer, making it as easy as a push of a button.

Ford Pro Hitch Assist (Source: Truck King)

Although the reviewers did not use an equalizer hitch during the test, they say pulling still felt okay. Most noticeable is the incredible power.

After 30 years of doing RV reviews, they explain many of the guys were embarrassed about having to go uphill with four-way blinkers on because the truck couldn’t accelerate. They said, “That is never going to be the case with an electric vehicle.” In addition, if you are up in the mountains, you won’t lose power at altitude.

Source: Truck King Youtube

The other advantage is the weight of the Lightning. The battery pack between the frame rails keeps the weight low, giving it a “planted feeling.” They say even more so than a gas-powered F-150, the truck wasn’t affected that much by the wind.

Overall, the Lightning exceeded expectations with powerful torque, a heavy design, and advanced technology.

The reviews say if you own a travel trailer, the Ford Lightning offers several advantages for camping and traveling, including a great towing experience. If not, it still makes an excellent passenger vehicle. The biggest issue Truck King encountered was the public charging experience. Luckily, Ford makes it easy with features like Route Planning.

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