SEIA will soon develop its own national standards for solar + storage industry


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an accredited standards development organization, SEIA can now invite industry stakeholders to develop national standards for materials, products, processes and services for US solar and services. : storage industry.

“Strong national standards are the foundation of any successful industry,” said SEIA President and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper. “Through strong leadership and SEIA’s new ANSI accreditation, we will help the industry proactively and responsibly manage its growth by building trust among solar consumers, businesses and key stakeholders. We look forward to creating new industry standards that will move the industry forward and create a culture of compliance, helping to address PV recycling and ensure ethical practices throughout the solar supply chain.”

By developing national standards, the EIA will create more open and efficient markets, reduce costs and minimize risks to the industry. Establishing effective standards will promote best practices throughout the supply chain, making it safer and easier to develop and deploy solar energy, while building trust among customers, businesses, regulators, investors and other stakeholders.

SEIA will pursue a number of new standards for the solar and storage industries, including standards that improve supply chain traceability, consumer protection, and end-of-life or performance management.

New standards will be developed in a multi-step, consensus process by BSGM Standards Technical Committees, a diverse collection of BSGM members and non-members representing categories of manufacturers, users and general interest.

SEIA is committed to ensuring that all voices are heard in the standards development process and welcomes participation in the Standards Technical Committees from a wide range of stakeholders interested in or affected by BSGA standards.

SEIA’s first standards technical committee will focus on supply chain traceability and plans to release its first US national standard in early 2024.

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