Silent Yachts to open luxury resort in Fiji powered entirely by solar

Silent Resorts – the exclusive partner of solar electric boatbuilder Silent Yachts, is building off the early success of its first fully-sustainable residences and intends to bring a new solar-powered resort to the island nation of Fiji. These exclusive residences are being erected to promote sustainability and exploration while offering some income opportunities for the exclusive members who buy in.

Silent Resorts is a relatively new entity spun out of a sustainable boatbuilding company that remains relatively nascent in its own right. Silent Yachts is the result of nearly two decades worth of research and development from its cofounders who, combined, have sailed over 75,000 nautical miles around the world.

We’ve followed the Austrian boatbuilder as its solar electric-catamarans got bigger and have gone further at sea. We’ve also seen newer products that have gotten smaller recently, like Silent Yachts’ all-electric tender.

Our coverage of the company led us down to Fort Lauderdale, where we got to climb aboard the SILENT-60 and take a solar electric voyage for ourselves. About a month prior to that, the boatbuilding branch announced Silent Resorts had joined the Silent Group with plans for a solar-powered paradise in the Bahamas.

The initial resort features 16 solar powered, four-bedroom residences and 8 Silent yachts that not only help power the resort, but also offer a place for residents to stay off-shore. While construction is underway in the Bahamas, Silent Resorts is already working to open a second tropical solar haven in Fiji. Check out these hyper-realistic renderings.

Silent’s next solar-powered resort to open in 2025

According to an update from the company today, construction is well underway at the aforementioned solar resort in the Bahamas and is expected to be completed in early 2024. The company shared that the first “Silent Marina” is now complete and is home to the first SILENT-55 solar-electric catamaran, ready for use by guests.

When the Bahamas residences are completed next year, Silent Resorts intends to add a SILENT-62 Tri-Deck yacht for its guests. Similar to the success Silent Resorts found in the Bahamas, it is offering 24 exclusive “Founding Memberships” that offer special incentives and the opportunity to income.

The second solar-powered Silent Resort will begin construction later this year on a private-island sanctuary in the Fijian archipelago and eventually offer the following options to guests:

  • 28 four-, five- or six-bedroom Silent Estate Residences
  • 14 two-bedroom Silent Marina Residences
  • 10 two-bedroom Silent Beach Club Residences,
  • Exclusive access to a fleet of solar-electric powered tenders, speed boats, and catamarans to explore Fiji’s natural surroundings.

Everyone who purchases at Silent Resorts Fiji has the opportunity to apply for Fijian residency, enabling them to stay as long as they want. Additionally, the solar resort company promises to manage each owner’s residence to others for passive income if desired. Silent Resorts head Victor Barrett spoke to the upcoming resort and next steps:

After considering numerous possible locations, we are delighted to be finalizing the approval process for our latest location in Fiji. When we officially announce the location in the next month or so, we will also offer exclusive stays at the existing facilities for those interested in learning more firsthand about Silent Resorts Fiji. With its beautiful, untouched natural surroundings on both land and sea, and the incredible and welcoming hospitality of the Fijian people, this is the perfect base for us to create our next 100% solar-powered luxury adventure destination, what we like to call ‘radical sustainability.’ Through our innovative ownership options, our mission is to make island residence and luxury yacht ownership more affordable and accessible.

Once the official site is confirmed, Silent Resorts will look to begin construction in Fiji, beginning with the beach club and marina. The Bahamas location should open well before then, in early 2024. Here’s a glimpse of the site of that solar-powered resort.

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