Solar racking manufacturer GP JOULE rebrands as Goldbeck Solar


Goldbeck Solar, a Germany-based solar energy solutions provider, is rebranding its North American EPC division, formerly known as GP JOULE EPC North America. Effective immediately, the division will now operate under the name Goldbeck Solar.

Goldbeck Solar

Goldbeck Solar is rebranding to increase its presence in North America, according to a press release. The company manufactures solar arrays for ground, rooftop and agricultural applications.

“The rebranding of our North American division as Goldbeck Solar is a testament to our commitment to the region and our determination to be at the forefront of the energy transition. We combine the best of both companies to deliver high-quality solar systems that enable our customers to meet their energy goals while ensuring a sustainable future,” said Joachim Goldbeck, founder and CEO of Goldbeck Solar Group.

Goldbeck Solar’s new visual identity will be spread across all communication channels, reflecting a unified brand image. Goldbeck will have two operating arms in North America, one focused on Canada and the other in the United States.

“Our rebranding as Goldbeck Solar is more than a cosmetic change; it reflects our ambition to lead the energy transition in the North American market while making a significant impact on the planet,” said David Pichard, CEO of Goldbeck Solar North America. “With 22 years of experience in the solar industry and an outstanding 2.5 GW of local and international experience, we are the ideal partner for customers seeking to achieve their sustainability goals. Our innovative mindset further enhances our ability to thrive in a rapidly changing energy landscape, making us a strong choice for any customer looking to embrace renewable energy solutions.”

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