Specialist in electromechanics for electric vehicle tests

Specialist in electromechanics for electric vehicle tests

Location: Tarragona Type: Face to face

about employment

Department/Area Details:

Within the dedicated Body and Components team for the Electric Vehicles range, a professional is needed to coordinate and conduct high voltage component tests.

Salary: Not Available

Solicitation: SmartRecruiters

your homework

– Management of test samples
– Prepare and install a variety of sensor and data acquisition systems
– Management of test equipment (cycler, climate chamber, chiller, etc.)
– Transport of samples in and out of the climate chamber (using bullocks and/or pallet trucks)
– Monitor and control testing and report to engineers when incidents occur.
– Maintenance of the laboratory and its equipment – Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of the laboratory
– assembly of test equipment, wiring, electrical cabinet
– Management of stop, first analysis and restart of tests
– Documentation of tests
– Flexibility to work occasional shifts.

your profile:

– Higher level training cycle specializing in electricity or industrial electronics
– Highly commended vocational training related to the automotive industry, electromechanics and equipment maintenance
– Ability to read and understand electrical diagrams
Other supplementary training will be given importance
– Knowledge of different types of electronic soldering
– Experience in assembly of instrumentation, power electronics wiring and electrical panels
– Accustomed to working with measurement equipment and data acquisition, analyzers, etc.
– strong and active
Proficiency in English will be given utmost importance.

Why Apples?

aplus idiada is a Global Partner of the Automotive Industry has over 30 years of experience supporting its customers in product development activities through the provision of Design, engineering, testing and approval.

At pasatealoelectrico.es we are committed to electric and sustainable mobility. We have created this section to help you find employment in this exciting and forward looking field.
To apply for the post of Specialist in Electromechanics for Electric Vehicle Trials, follow the following link and fill up the form with your information: SmartRecruiters.

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