Stellantis says it’s not ready to adopt Tesla’s NACS connector, but it is considering it

Stellantis confirmed that it is “evaluating” Tesla’s NACS connector. It is considering adopting it, but the automaker doesn’t seem ready to commit.

After both GM and Ford announced that they would adopt NACS as the standard connector in their future electric vehicles, it became crystal clear that the connector is on its way to becoming the standard connector in North America.

Since GM’s announcement, virtually all charging station manufacturers and operators have announced that they will support NACS. We anticipate that all automakers producing electric vehicles for the North American market will do the same soon.

No other major automaker has announced since GM, but Stellantis, which owns Chrysler and Dodge, has commented on NACS.

Stellantis said that it is evaluating NACS and that it still plans to work with third-party charging companies (via Reuters):

“At this time, we continue to evaluate the NACS standard and look forward to discussing more in the future. Our focus is to provide the customer the best charging experience possible. Our Free2Move Charge brand will offer seamless, simple solutions whether at home or on-the-go through partnerships with charging providers.”

Stellantis is widely regarded as a laggard when it comes to all-electric vehicles.

Electrek’s Take

To me, that statement translates to something like, “We are so behind with all-electric vehicles that we aren’t even sure if that’s the right move.”

Let me help you here, Stellantis. Yes, adopt NACS in North America.

It’s pretty easy for the automaker when it doesn’t even currently have a significant all-electric vehicle program in the market.

Stellantis is still talking about working with third-party charging companies. Ford and GM, who have EV programs in North America, did that, and look at what they are doing now.

It should give you an idea of the path to take.

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