Tesla Cybertruck showcases rear-wheel steering inside parking garage

Tesla Cybertruck has showcased its rear-wheel steering by maneuvering inside a parking garage in a new video.

Rear-wheel steering, or four-wheel steering, is the ability to steer the rear axle, generally to a smaller degree than the front wheel, and to create a tighter and more precise turning radius.

While the feature was originally introduced two decades ago, it never really took off. Now it seems to be having a renaissance as it is quickly becoming a must-have feature for electric pickup trucks coming to market.

GMC started the dance by demonstrating the “crab mode,” utilizing rear-wheel steering on the Hummer EV.

Several other automakers have since announced rear-wheel-steering, and back in 2021, Tesla followed by announcing that the Cybertruck will have the capacity.

Over the last year, some Tesla Cybertruck prototypes were spotted using rear-wheel steering.

Now we get one of our best looks at the Tesla Cybertruck’s rear-steering feature through this new video of a prototype posted on Reddit:

The electric pickup truck is inside a parking garage, which is exactly the type of scenario where such a feature is useful.

In the video, you can see the rear wheels engaging in a turn to make it tighter.

While the rear-wheel steering is limited, it is clearly visible in the video and appears to help the turning radius of the Cybertruck.

Tesla hasn’t officially updated the specs of the Cybertruck since the launch in 2019, and therefore, we don’t have a turning radius just yet, but the feature is expected to make it much better than it should be for a vehicle of this size.

The automaker is expected to give an update about the production version of the Cybertruck in late September during a delivery event.

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