Tesla Cybertruck spotted with camouflage starts rumors

Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted going through a drive-through in California. For the first time, it was equipped with camouflage.

It is smack in the middle of the image above if you have issues seeing it because of the camouflage.

Automakers often camouflage their vehicles ahead of them entering production.

Historically, Tesla hasn’t been much of a user of camouflage on prototypes. It is primarily due to Tesla’s approach of unveiling prototypes that stay fairly close to the production versions, while other automakers often unveil early prototypes that change a lot by the time they hit production.

However, we have seen Tesla use camouflage lately on the new refreshed Model 3, but even that camouflage wasn’t traditional in the auto industry.

Now the Cybertruck is also getting the camouflage treatment, but staying true to itself, Tesla is again not going the traditional way.

A Tesla Cybertruck with a full army camouflage wrap has been spotted around the Bay Area in California over the last few days:

It looks like Tesla’s testing team was hungry as they were seen stopping at an In-N-Out Burger drive-through with the Cybertruck prototype:

The Cybertruck with camouflage wrap is starting rumors. Considering it is the first time Tesla bothered to camouflage a Cybertruck prototype, some believe that it suggests this is the production version of the truck.

Others believe it might be Tesla testing a factory wrap for the Cybertruck.

Tesla said that the only way to change the color of the electric pickup truck will be through a wrap.

What might be the most interesting bit is how closely it resembles a rendering from almost 3 years ago:

Electrek’s Take

I don’t know about any of those rumors, but I think the latter is more likely than the former.

We recently reported that Tesla plans to have Cybertruck release candidates toward the end of August with production starting in early October.

This matches Tesla’s official timeline of a delivery event toward the end of Q3.

I think Tesla fans should not expect an accelerated timeline, to be safe.

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