Tesla discounts Model S/X $8,000 plus 3 years of free Supercharging in end-of-quarter push

Tesla has added a discount to new inventory Model S and Model X vehicles and three years of free Supercharging for deliveries by the end of the quarter.

With the end of the quarter approaching, Tesla is looking to deliver better-looking financial results by not ending it with many vehicles in inventory.

To achieve this recently, Tesla has regularly applied special discounts or incentives to take delivery of new inventory vehicles by the end of the quarter.

We reported that Tesla recently offered 3 months of free Supercharging for people taking deliveries of a Model 3 by the end of June.

Now Tesla is giving even bigger incentives on new inventory Model S and Model X vehicles.

After dropping the price of the new Model S and Model X significantly earlier this year, Tesla is now giving an extra discount of up to $8,000 on some vehicles.

It results in brand-new Model S vehicles going for as low as $82,790 ($1,113 a month for a lease or $1,307 loan payments).

On top of it, Tesla is giving 3 years of free Supercharging for buyers who take delivery by June 30th.

That’s an incentive that Tesla first reserved to get owners of older Model S to give up their free Supercharging for life by buying a new car and later expanded to all new orders.

Electrek’s Take

This is the lowest the Model S has been in a long time, and with 3 years of free Supercharging, this is starting to be a very attractive deal.

It’s not surprising that Tesla is leaning on more significant incentives considering the fact that it looks like the automaker’s Model S inventory has more than doubled over the last three weeks:

I’d be tempted to grab one of those if Tesla was giving me a good trade-in price for my Model 3 with FSD Beta, which it, unfortunately, does not.

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