Tesla is the most wanted car brand in the US, study shows

Tesla is the most wanted car brand in the US, and the world, according to a new study of Google search data.

Auto Trader released a new study analyzing Google search data of people searching to buy vehicles from specific brands.

In the US, Tesla was the most searched car brand in half of the states, including some of the most populous ones like California and New York:

Tesla came out as the car make people are looking to buy the most in the USA, topping the tables as the most searched for car for sale in 25 of the 50 states, including Pennsylvania, Illinois and Arizona. There are over 60,000 searches for ‘Teslas for sale’ in the USA each month and Tesla’s popularity is good news for the EV market, showing that there is a sustained appetite for electric vehicles in major auto countries.

Tesla also did very well on the world stage – dominating North America, Europe, and Asia:

Tesla was the number one searched car brand in 39 countries surveyed by Auto Trader:

The unique study from Auto Trader also looked further afield, analyzing global search data to see which cars people want to buy the most in different countries all over the world. Tesla, Jeep, Toyota, and BMW are amongst the most popular global brands. Tesla is the most searched for car brand for sale in 39 countries, including the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Like in the US, Jeep surprisingly came in second:

Rank Brand No. of countries where this car brand is searched the most to buy
1 Tesla 39
2 Jeep 27
3 BMW 20
4 Toyota 18
5 Mercedes 11
6 Mercedes 12
7 Lamborghini 8
8 Ferrari 6
9 Land Rover 3
10 Hyundai 2

Electrek’s Take

It’s wild that an electric car brand is now the most searched brand in the world, especially when the searches are specifically about buying cars. It shows a strong interest in electric vehicles and other automakers need to take note.

The consumer mindset is shifting to electric vehicles much faster than they think.

Also, it shows that people do really have a strange fascination for Jeeps. They really need to become electric, and quickly.

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