Tesla launches ‘Charge on Solar’ to charge your cars with sunshine

Tesla has now officially launched its new ‘Charge on Solar’ feature to let its electric car owners charge their vehicles with sunshine.

Renewable energies, like solar, wind, and hydro, are rapidly being deployed, and they are starting to produce excess energy.

Batteries are expected to fix that and enable better use of these energy sources by storing the energy and using it when needed.

Tesla has also an interesting new solution to allow owners of solar, Powerwalls, and Tesla vehicles to charge their vehicles with excess solar power.

We first reported on this feature when it was spotted in Tesla’s mobile app update earlier this year, but the automaker has now officially launched what it calls “Charge on Solar.”

The feature has now officially launched, and it is available to anyone in the US and Canada who have solar and the following Tesla hardware and software:

Hardware Software
Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y 2023.26 or Higher
Powerwall with solar on site 23.12.10 or Higher
Tesla app 4.22.5 or Higher

Tesla describes the feature:

With Charge on Solar, your Tesla vehicle can charge using only excess solar energy produced by your Tesla solar system. Using excess energy to charge your electric vehicle maximizes the value of your home’s solar system. Use the Tesla app to set Charge on Solar limits and have your vehicle charge using extra solar energy.

If you have all the required hardware and software, you can go to your Tesla app and under “Charge on Solar,” you will be able to set your charge limit using excess solar energy:

Tesla writes about the charge limit:

Your vehicle will charge from solar and the grid when your current charge level is below the left sun slider. After your vehicle’s charge level passes the sun slider, your vehicle automatically switches to only charge on excess solar up to your charge limit. Solar power and home loads are variables so if you ever want to charge faster, you can simply increase the lower charge limit to a desired range.

There’s also a scheduling feature that stops charging with solar after a specific time if you know that your energy consumption will increase at a specific time.

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