Tesla’s NACS connector gains support from a bunch of other companies

Tesla’s NACS connector is gaining support from several other companies, primarily charging station manufacturers and operators.

Following the announcement that both Ford and GM will adopt Tesla’s NACS connector in future electric vehicles in North America, EV charging companies have announced that they, too, will support the connector.

As we reported after the GM announcement, we believe that the support of both Ford and GM will result in a domino effect that should result in the NACS becoming the official standard connector for electric vehicles in North America.

No other automaker has announced support since GM yet, but as expected, charging station companies are quickly jumping on board.

Here are the charging station companies that have announced support for NACS:

  • ABB
  • Blink Charging
  • Chargepoint
  • EVgo
  • FLO
  • Tritium
  • Wallbox

ChargePoint is the latest to say that it will soon have NACS connectors on its DC fast-chargers:

ChargePoint’s Express 250 (DC), Express Plus (DC), CPF50 (AC) CP6000 (AC), and the award-winning Home Flex (AC) all offer modular connectors for both customer preference and serviceability. ChargePoint will soon be offering a NACS connector option for all of these products, with cost-effective field upgrades available for chargers that are already in service. Thanks to this approach, existing customers can be confident their investment is protected.

More companies are expected to make similar announcements in the coming days.

Electrek’s Take

I would expect more automakers to make similar announcements as Ford and GM, but for now, it makes sense that charging station companies announce first.

With Tesla, Ford, and GM EVs all having NACS connectors, they have to adapt if they want to be able to serve those EV drivers.

The big one missing from the list is Electrify America, which has yet to comment on NACS, but the company doesn’t manufacture its own chargers, and its suppliers, like ABB and Tritium, are on the list.

Now I expect more automakers announcing a transition to NACS for their EVs in North America.

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